How Affiliate Links are Changing the Game for YouTube Influencers

YouTube has increased its e-commerce functions in the last few years, such as shoppable links, which allow creators to add products to their videos.

However, YouTube has decided to end the feature that has been under development since the year 2021. Instead, the site is moving towards a traditional model based on a percentage.

We’ll discuss what happened to YouTube’s Shoppable links feature, how it didn’t work as planned, and what YouTube will create next to help creators establish a business using YouTube.

Why is YouTube Phasing Out Shoppable Links?

Creators participating in the test of shoppable links received a flat fee of $50-$100 per month to include labels in the videos they made. The problem is that YouTube announced that in the near future, it would end the capability to label items that come from different brands as well as related programs for transient motivating force.

Affiliate  Chabge Game for YouTube Influencers

According to Insider, The affiliate model for shopping links may not have been a success. YouTube reported in a note to creators saying that it believes that an affiliate model will be the best method to help creators earn money in a way that is scaled and that it intends to invest money into the program to provide an option for the long term.

What’s Next for Creators?

YouTube is causing a shift away from the usual payouts for connections that can be purchased and moving toward a more traditional rates-based model.

YouTube has already launched an affiliate program called the YouTube Shopping affiliate program in November 2022. This program lets creators from the US earn commissions through purchases made on products that are tagged in their shorts and videos.

YouTube plans to introduce the program for shopping affiliates to more creators in 2023. The platform believes it is YouTube is the most ideal platform for creators to create an enterprise, and the shopping affiliate program is just one part of that puzzle.


In the end, YouTube is phasing out its shoppable link feature to make way for the more traditional percentage-based model. While the flat-rate model that is used for shoppable links may not have been a success, YouTube believes that an affiliate model remains the best method for creators to earn cash on a large scale.

YouTube has invested in affiliate programs as a long-term strategy and plans to introduce its YouTube Shopping affiliate program to more creators in 2023.

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