Classic Cars with modern technology

classic car new technology

Do you know how to teach an old cars new tricks? It’s possible with a restomod. A short form for restored however modified, restomods are classic vehicles with modern technology and are a sought-after item. If you’re thinking of buying vintage cars or owning one, You might want to think about adding some features that … Read more

9 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow

9 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow

You can earn a high passive income that can help you financially. Sometimes, the side business is profitable enough that people put on their full-time work shoes and concentrate on passive income, changing it into action. These nine great online-based passive income options don’t require you to acquire any technical expertise. If you offer one … Read more

Bill Gates says Bitcoin is Not Good for the Planet

bill gates

“Bill Gates is targeting Bitcoin to enable access to Planet Energy to validate its transactions. In the live-streamed Clubhouse meeting, Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and chairman of the fund for investment Breakthrough Energy Ventures, said that Bitcoin consumes the planet’s energy due to the most energy consumption through transactions. “Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction … Read more