15 Successful people who were bullied as kids

15 Successful people who were bullied as kids

Many successful celebrities and well-known figures have shared their stories of being bullied in school or at work. Anyone who has been bullied can learn from these people how they overcame their bullies. If you look at the stories of famous bullies, you will see that there is hope for you. These are some of … Read more

Free connects to do more on Upwork

do more on Upwork

One of the largest and biggest freelance marketplaces has introduced significant changes to its Connects. Connects can be used to place bids on clients and project placement. This December, we’ll be revealing what you can expect from Connects. If you take a response to an offer or are invited for interviews, then you will win … Read more

Top Freelancing Tips For Developers in 2023

Top Freelancing Tips For Developers in 2022

Freelancing is among the advantages for software engineers. It allows developers to build their expertise, increase their portfolio of projects and expand their horizons since it gives them the chance to work on various clients or projects. But, sometimes it isn’t easy to do. As the world gets more technologically advanced and technology applications are … Read more