Google is Making Major Changes to Search  (Project Magi) in 2023

In The New York Times, Google has 160 engineers working on Project Magi. Project Magi is an initial step towards creating a new search engine they plan to release. This new engine is expected to be able to replace Google as we are used to it.

There needs to be more information about their brand-new search engine. However, there are some details on Project Magi.

Here’s what we are aware of…

Chat-like interface

Google is looking to do its search more like an actual conversation.

Imagine asking someone questions and then getting the answers. Similar to ChatGPT.

Imagine the way you communicate with Alexa, however, a more intelligent version than the one you have. One that can learn from how you’ve interacted in the past and can be taught when you ask questions.

It’s the next step in your search. We all need answers, and we’re looking for answers tailored to our specific needs.

The old-fashioned method of showing the results in 10 pages when trying to find an answer is the one they’re trying to offer.

It will only work for some search queries, but consider it the next step to the previous improvements, such as Google’s Knowledge graph.

The major change, however, is different from how Google will assist in facilitating transactions.

Transactions can be made on Google.

If it’s buying the purchase of a pair of shoes or a flight booking, Google will soon begin taking care of transactions on Google.

So why do you need to visit a different website to purchase a pair of shoes?

Why is it that Google shows you a pair of shoes you’re interested in by their information about you and lets you purchase them with just a click?

From the size of your shoe to what colour you choose, even figure out whether you require narrow or wide shoes. And how different brands offer different sizes.

They also have Google Pay, which would work well with this feature.

What is this going to mean for marketing?

Yes, there are going to be advertisements. Google is a company, and they’re publicly traded, meaning they have no choice other than to make money and do it profitably.

However, the way that ads be used in the future will alter.

Imagine this in the following way it is that you currently pay per click for advertisements. At your end, you convert that into the cost per acquisition and then calculate it from a profit and loss standpoint.

If it’s profitable, you will spend more (or try to do it at a minimum) to earn more clicks. If you don’t make money, lower the amount you will pay per click.

Google is likely to shift to a cost-per-acquisition model (eventually), which is my thesis’s subject. This is a simple process for marketers and can result in more user-friendly.

If your site could be better, you can still earn money since the whole process is happening on Google’s behalf.

From an SEO viewpoint From an SEO perspective, there are always keywords to bring traffic to your website.

When you want to know about the current weather conditions, you must visit websites like Now, Google only gives you the weather.

Project Magi

Even with the changes that could remove clicks from your website, they’ve driven higher traffic. According to Danny Sullivan:

In actuality, Google Search sends billions of visitors to websites each day. And we’ve been able to send more visitors to the web each year for years since Google was founded.

These new features will increase traffic to Google, which could aid in countering some clicks that will be withdrawn from your website.

Additionally, the site will get a brand-new type of SEO. When Google is looking for products or services that they can show users via Project Magi, how can you improve your website so that they can show your goods and services?

It’s not that important when someone comes to your website; the most important thing is who’s making the sale. If you’re one of them successful, then you’re winning.

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