15 Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Are you searching for the top advertising management tools and plugins for WordPress?

Many WordPress website owners depend on ads to help monetize their sites. In this post, we’ll provide the top ads management plugins and solutions that work on WordPress to increase your revenue from advertising.

What are the benefits of using an Ad Management plugin in WordPress?

Many WordPress websites depend heavily on ads to earn money online through their content. Unfortunately, as a default feature, WordPress does not have a simple method to manage your advertisements.

Most WordPress themes do not even have specific spots to display ads. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll often need to modify the theme’s files to include ad codes on your website.

A WordPress advertising management plugin allows you to add ads to any place on your website quickly. In addition, it allows you to optimize your advertising placement and get the most of the advertising space.

So, let’s review some of the most popular ads control WordPress plugins to see how they could help improve your income.

Google Ad Manager

Google Adsence Ad inserter manager

Google Ad Manager is a website-based ad-selling and serving service for publishing. It blends the best of Google’s earlier advertising products, DoubleClick and Ad Exchange, giving it an edge over the other platforms regarding reliability and efficiency.

Google Ad Manager is most suitable for websites with larger sizes. It allows Google AdSense and other advertising networks to compete on price and then selects the most profitable ad to show on your site.

Google Ad Manager also includes excellent reporting tools that enable you to gauge the effectiveness of ads more precisely than other options. However, despite its efficiency, it’s not easy to start with.

Advanced Ads

Wordpress Adsense Ad Inserter

Advanced Ads is a simple to utilize ad manager plugin that allows you to create and manage and schedule the number of ads you’d want. Ads can be fixed to various positions on the page or placed on grids, and you could have them be in line with the language of your visitors’ web browser.

Advanced Ads works with all advertising types, such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, and Amazon Ads. While the free version of the plugin is available, however, the premium version comes with additional options.

For instance, the premium version comes with Click fraud security integrated. This blocks spammers and bots from making untrue clicks on your advertisements, which could lead to your AdSense account being suspended.

It also comes with the ability to refresh ads, a feature that allows you to rotate ads on the same page when visitors visit your site. This small change can boost the number of ads you display and the total ad revenue.

Ad Inserter

ad management inserter

Ad Inserter is a WordPress advertising management plugin available as free and paid versions. Its free edition is adequate to serve as your primary tool to manage your ads; however, you should upgrade to the paid version for more advanced features.

It lets you create multiple ads blocks and then choose the insertion method. For instance, you can insert AdBlock within the content of your blog post, before and after the content of your post between posts, before or after the excerpt of your post and much more.

You can also choose to stop automatic ad placement on pages and posts, as well as categories and home and archives pages. Ad Inserter is fairly easy to utilize and can host third-party ads networks.

Quick AdSense

quick adsense  management

Quick Adsense is a well-known free WordPress advertising management plugin. Despite its name, the plugin can be used to show any advertisement, including hosted ads and third-party ad networks like Google Adsense.

It includes an easy-to-use settings page, where you can manage your ads and choose how and where you’d like to show the ads. The plugin will show ads before and after posts, in the content, after an excerpt, and many more.

It also has custom ads widgets that display advertisements in sidebars and other widget-ready areas.

It doesn’t have the advanced features like the other plugins in this list. Another disadvantage is that you can only save 10 ads at one time.

We hope that this article has helped you find the most effective ads managing plugins and solutions to WordPress.


adsanity ad inserter

AdSanity is a beginner-friendly WordPress advertising management plugin. It lets you effortlessly place ads on any website by using widgets and an inserter button for ads within the visual editor.

It can support hosting ads (banner ads managed and sold through you directly) and other ad networks, such as Google Adsense. It also has advanced features such as ad scheduling and ad groups, inserting one ad or group tracking the views and statistics.

You can make as numerous ads as you’d like and add them easily using shortcodes, widgets, or the button on the editor for posts.

It is also possible to insert advertisements in particular posts within WordPress. It lets you optimize advertising performance without altering any of your WordPress template files.


wordpress ad management plugin

AdRotate is an effective WordPress advertising management plugin that is suitable for novice and experienced users. It can be used with hosted ads and rotates banner ads and advertisements from networks.

It lets you easily make ads or ad groups and incorporate them into your WordPress posts using shortcodes. It is also possible to insert ads in sidebars by using customized widgets.

AdRotate provides basic stats to measure ad impressions which can be particularly useful for selling direct ads on your site.

It’s available as an open-source plugin that can be used on various websites and blogs that are small in size. However, you’ll need their professional version to take advantage of advanced features such as geo-targeting, scheduling, Adblock disguise, mobile adverts, asset and media management, and much more.

AdContent Management

Ad Management Content

Don’t allow your advertising options to be restricted. Instead, choose an ad management WordPress plugin that allows unlimited specific ads, pop-ups, non-restricted ad placements, and many more – all of which can be found within AdContent Pro.

This powerful ad-related plugin provides various options to manage and create advertisements on your site. Anyone can easily make ads – it’s as adding a new blog post, only having more choices. First, select the type of advertisement you wish to create and then prioritize. Next, select a layout, enter an address for the destination, and include your content or media. It is also possible to create advanced pop-up ads!

There is also a variety of targeting options based on the type of post and page type or user role and location. This is a fantastic method to increase the value of memberships, provide exclusive discounts to subscribers or provide advertisements in particular languages based on the country of origin.

Ads placement is straightforward using widgets or shortcodes that ads insert or, when you’re a developer, use these PHP or JS functions. Additionally, you can use the complex settings for placement to show specific advertisements based upon the size of the screen, the page, taxonomy, type of post, and before/after content. You can also allow random placement.

However, in addition to all these great core features, the thing that makes AdContent distinguish itself is its attention to the smallest details. They have considered every aspect. For example, it is possible to make your ads random. You can also add a date for your advertisements’ start and end dates (especially useful when selling advertising placements to third-party companies). There’s even an option to change the name of the plugin’s directory to bypass Adblock. Even though the plugin’s name is AdContent, you can utilize it to add any content to your website.

Corner Ad Management Free Plugin

ad inserter corner ad plugin

Corner Ad Corner Ad is a straightforward advertising-management plugin that places ads on your WordPress website’s upper right (or right). It’s designed to be a little disruptive to avoid an unpleasant user experience. If a user hovers over the advertisement, it flips to show the advertisement in its full size. Once the mouse is gone, the ad is reverted to its original form. Use this plugin to announce important announcements, upcoming promotions, or even run the “secret sale.”

ADDING – WP Pro Advertising System

ADNING – WP Pro Advertising management system

If your WordPress website reaches the desired number of visitors, you can earn real cash by putting ads on your site. This isn’t new, and many web marketers have built websites that can be monetized with advertising revenue for a long time.

ADDING is a plugin for your website. ADDING (formerly WP Pro Advertising System) plugin is an excellent solution to manage and display ads on your site. As a result, visitors are more likely to click on an attractive and eye-catching advertisement.

Multiple Ad Types

ADDING makes uber-clickable ads using six great ads kinds:

  • Standard advertisements: displayed within your content or in widget areas.
  • Fly-in advertisements: slide into view in the lower right-hand part of the display
  • Pop-up ads: pop up at users to attract maximum interest
  • corner peelers: The top-right corner on your site has been “peeled” to expose an advertisement
  • Background ads: a full-screen ad can be hidden on top of your content
  • Newsletter ads: integrates with MailChimp to display ads in newsletters that are sent via email to your subscribers

You can experiment with various types of advertisements until you discover those that bring in more clicks. However, the corner peelers and the background ads are stunning.

It is possible to place advertisements on your site in various sizes and shapes, and you’ll be able to make money from any part of your site. This is a great example of the “Ad Grid” that allows you to show multiple banners within the same ad space. The plugin can be used with shortcodes, iframes, and widgets, providing you with various options to show advertisements on your site.

To ensure that your customers do not suffer from ad-blindness, which can be a major issue when ads are your primary monetization plugin, allows you to rotate your advertisements using amazing transition animations.

ADDING works with various important plugins, particularly Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. It allows you to place advertisements anywhere in a customized design and even within the image slider. In addition, the plugin is adaptable, easy to set up, and comes with an in-depth analytics feature to track how well your ads are performing.

AdSense plugin WP QUADS

AdSense Plugin is probably the most straightforward way to integrate Google AdSense into your WordPress website. With the free version of the plugin, you can show ads in multiple areas within your WordPress site, such as:

  • Sidebar widgets
  • Middle, beginning, and the end of the post
  • Following”more,” the “more” tags,
  • After images appearing in posts

Copy and paste your Google AdSense code snippet in the widget to show the advertisement. You can also add ads within any paragraph of your blog post by using the fragments.

WP QUADS Pro is the premium edition of the plugin. WP QUADS Pro adds amazing features, including:

  • AMP ads that display ads in the AMP version of your website pages (check out our article on how to get started using AMP for WordPress)
  • Responsive ads mean that ads look perfect on phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Visibility Condition allows you to show ads only on either tablet, mobile, desktops, and any combination of these.

Prices start at just 49 EUR for a single-site license and include the option of a 30-day return period that makes it a great choice for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

WordPress Ad Widget for Free Plugin

WordPress Ad Widget is an extremely simple plugin that allows you to show Google Ads and custom ads on your WordPress website. If you decide to market ad spots on your site, you can provide a range of choices to your clients. How? With more than 55 ad-formats, you can market the Facebook page, Instagram profiles, and many other profiles.

The WP Bannerizer Pro is a Free WordPress Plugin

wordpress bannerize plugin

If most of your marketing is done using non-Adobe Flash-based banners, WP Bannerize Pro might be the answer. It creates an individual post type that is called “Banners.” This allows you to create banners just like an article or page.

To make a banner, first import or upload the banner image, then choose whether you wish to monitor the number of impressions and CTR, and after that, you can publish the banner. After that, you will get a shortcode for the banner created. Then, you can place the banner on any page, post, or widget ads area by using the shortcode.

Other features include geo-targeting, IP restrictions, role-based targeting, and a completely equipped analytics dashboard.


WordPress Insert is a no-cost plugin that includes most of the essential tools you require to manage the advertising on your site. It’s easy to install, and there is plenty of favorable feedback in the WordPress marketplace.

The most notable features of this plugin are the integrated ability to support the Google Adsense and Page-Level advertisements. In addition, the manual override feature for auto-positioning and an A/B testing option allows you to experiment with different ads placements on your website.

There are unlimited Adblocks, which means you can block any ads you wish from showing on your page.

Because this is a no-cost plugin, it’s not likely to provide all of the premium plugins’ features. So it’s not an issue if you’re searching for a straightforward solution; however, if you’re trying to make a profit from advertising on the internet, you should consider a paid option with a variety of premium features.

The AWPCP Classifieds Free WP Plugin

A different WordPress Classifieds Plugin is a classic plugin created to create a feature-rich online classifieds section on the WordPress website. Classifieds are searchable by state, country, username, or keywords. In addition, you can show ads that are from Google AdSense. Look over the full list of options to run your WordPress-powered classifieds website.

Many premium modules, including Authorize.net and PayPal integration with payment gateways campaign manager and coupon module, can be extremely useful for creating a high-quality classifieds website.

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