11 Best Web Hosting Providers For WordPress Developers in 2023

I’ll provide you with the best 11 web hosting options for developers in this post. Additionally, I’ll go over the major elements that led to this list.

If I say developers, I’m talking about anyone from code enthusiasts to solo entrepreneurs to freelancers and even agencies. Whatever your job, there is a good chance that you’ll require more than standard web hosting.

So what should a reliable host for web hosting services be for developers?

  • A large amount of storage depends on the programming language you’ll use; you might require greater or lesser storage.
  • Allows you to work with multiple programming languages. You’ll likely want to use more than one programming language.
  • Additional features – any other options like automated backups or a staging area are helpful to prevent any type of incident.
  • Achieve a high level of performance. Ensure that the service provider is efficient and quick.

To assist you in making an informed decision, I set out to try a variety of choices and identify those most suitable for those with technical backgrounds.

With this in mind, here are the 6 most reliable developers’ services.

1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is among the top alternatives when it comes down to web hosting services for web developers. Incredibly, the company does not provide shared hosting plans and is renowned for its Cloud and VPS hosting services, which are extremely secure, reliable, and functional. So if you’re looking for the best performance and scalability alternatives, Liquid Web might be the perfect fit.

This sounds like a fantastic idea. Let’s take a look at what tools Liquid Web offer for developers:

  • The first thing to note is that the service allows you to select the control panel you’re comfortable with. Choosing InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, and cPanel Admin is possible. But remember that InterWorx is a highly useful tool already in the package.
  • The provider provides Git support in all plans to simplify your life. Git is an extensively used control system that allows users to track any changes made to the website and lets you restore any specific site version if you need to.
  • The service also comes with WP-CLI. It’s a command-line interface tool that allows you to manage your WordPress website. You can restore, update, or manage your site with a set of commands.
  • Liquid Web is confident that it will keep your website running continuously. We’re sure you receive a 100 per cent SLA guarantee. In addition, if the website is down for any reason, the company will compensate you 10 times the time it took to go down.
  • If you’re looking to market hosting services to your customers, Liquid Web offers 3 reseller plans starting at $99/month to $259/mo.

Simply put, Liquid Web has many useful tools that will aid you in running and enhancing your website with ease.
If you are looking for alternatives, Liquid Web offers 4 basic VPS plans ranging from $25.00/per month to $95 per month. But, you can avail of one of the “bundle” options on every plan for the extra. In addition, you get additional options like a Premium business-grade email service, a 100GB free backup limit, and protection for your web server.

Return to the basic plans. No matter which plans you pick, they all come with 10-TB bandwidth, DDoS security, firewall protection, and monitoring. You can also choose the type of control panel to make use of.

This article will discuss the differences between plans; each comes with a different amount of storage, RAM, and CPU. Therefore, there is no universally-fit-all, and the plan choice that will provide you with the greatest value for money is entirely up to your needs. But the company has excellent scalability options, and I’d recommend starting with the lowest-priced plan and gradually increasing your plan.

Liquid Web performance

To claim that Liquid Web provides reliable service is to say it does not. It is far in the dust in terms of uptime and response time.

For almost three weeks, The servers were operational all the time. This isn’t surprising, considering the service offers a 100% uptime promise backed by SLA. It means you’ll get reimbursement if you are down every thirty minutes.

In the end, if we looked at the time to respond that was recorded, the time average was 521ms. Since VPS is a pure server with no optimizations, this is very impressive. Imagine the performance once the optimization tools are brought to play.

The provider’s data centres are situated in three locations: Lansing (US,) Phoenix (US,) and Amsterdam (EU.) This way, you can beat latency by selecting the closest server to your target audience.

In conclusion, Liquid Web might be the best hosting service for developers regarding performance. You will receive 100% uptime assurance and very fast services that can be enhanced even more.

All in all, Liquid Web is fast and secure. It is also highly efficient. Furthermore, GIT integration makes the process much easier and faster to manage.

2. Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger is a cheap, efficient, user-friendly, and speed-focused hosting service for developers. Simple management and the range of features make it an appealing option for those who want to try something new.

But what’s the real solution to satisfy the requirements of the developer?

best webhosting hostinger;
  • Hostinger utilizes an in-built management panel known as”hPanel. Its functionality is comparable to cPanel. It’s simple to use and appears modern.
  • Hostinger integrates GIT access into all of the plans. This tool lets you manage all projects more effectively by keeping track of changes and saving copies of each version. You can later edit, reset or download.
  • Every shared hosting plan offered by a provider comes with access management. If you’re working alongside multiple individuals on a particular project, this is how you can assign roles and access choices to different people.
  • All plans come with daily backups. Even the most expensive shared hosting plan is also backing up every day.
  • The provider is highly performance-oriented. The hardware and software are up-to-date. Select a data centre (US, UK, Lithuania, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brazil) closest to your visitors to boost your site’s speed.

In simple terms, Hostinger is an effective and simple-to-manage service. Tools such as hPanel, GIT access, and backups ensure you have a smooth experience Hostinger is as smooth as butter.

When you look at the plans, the plans appear to be that Hostinger offers three shared hosting plans with prices ranging from $1.99/month up to $3.99/month. If these appear to be the Hosting you’re looking to purchase, Hostinger also has VPS hosting at as low as $3.95/mo, which is more manageable to expand.

Returning shared hosting plans come with free SSL control of the DNS server, email accounts, GIT access, and access management.

One plan ($1.99/month) provides just one website and one email address and a limit on data bandwidth (100GB.) Because this plan is small, it is the best choice for a personal project.

When you upgrade to Premium ($2.59/month) and the Business ($3.99/month) plans, You will get unlimited email addresses and bandwidth. Additionally, you will receive SSH access and a no-cost domain, which makes it a fantastic choice for projects that range from small to medium.

The most basic plans for VPS ($3.95/month) include 1 virtual CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 1000GB of bandwidth. With every VPS plan, you’ll have full root access and OS templates to simplify installation. This option is great for small to medium web applications requiring a particular programming language.

Hostinger performance

Hostinger is not the one to let you down if it’s about speed.

For two months, the company could keep 100 per cent uptime. This is a huge plus and is especially impressive, considering that the official uptime guarantee is just 99.9 per cent.

If we examine our response speed, we see it is at 511ms on average. Although this is impressive, and few companies can beat that, it’s slightly too close to the average market response time of 600ms.

What makes this service appealing is the infrastructure for servers. To ensure the highest possible performance for your visitors, pick one of the seven closest locations to your customers, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, Brazil, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The overall performance of Hostinger is extremely solid. Its uptime is excellent, and its responding time is higher than the norm.

In the end, Hostinger is an affordable and reliable service. In addition, the packages are extensive with regard to features and allow the user to customize their experience without extra effort.

3. SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is regarded as the best hosting provider in shared Hosting, but it’s an excellent choice for developers. You will get value for your money as the service is extremely fast, and other tools, such as collaborations, staging, and the White-Label Control Panel. Everything boils down to the method this service was included in the list of options for Web hosting for developers.

best webhosting siteground

Although the cost is a bit above the average of Web hosting shared, it’s clear why. The hosting provider has many features; however, what is included in that extra cost?

  • SiteGround comes with a native user management interface that’s extremely user-friendly. Although there’s no cPanel alternative, I guarantee you will not miss it. The SiteGround Site Tools panel is just as effective and can be customized to allow faster access to the most commonly utilized tools.
  • The company also provides an area for staging in its two more expensive plans. If you’re experimenting on the site, it is possible to do this in a secure environment without affecting your “live” versions. This is only available for WordPress websites.
  • If you plan to work with others on the same project, SiteGround allows adding collaborators through two more expensive plans. In this way, all your collaborators have their logins to your Site Tools, and you can keep track of changes made to the website. You can also block individuals from accessing the bill section.
  • Although this feature is available with the most expensive plan, it’s important to know that SiteGround allows you to sign up your customers as users on your account and then give the panel a white label. In addition, it’s the only plan with an installed GIT Control System.

To summarize, SiteGround has many business-oriented tools like collaboration, stage, and clients to enhance your hosting experience as an entrepreneur.

If we examine the shared hosting options, the three plans range between $3.99/month to $10.69/per month.
While the plans differ, you’ll still receive free SSL mail accounts, unlimited traffic, and daily backups for every plan.

Regarding differences, every plan is different regarding the number of websites hosted and the storage size. But, more important, additional features are different too.

The StartUp plan does not include additional tools, meaning that the most value is hidden in GrowBig or GoGeek. Both come with the ability to stage Ultrafast PHP and collaborators. GoGeek can also act as a reseller and provide white-label panels to customers.

SiteGround performance

Regarding speed, SiteGround is among the most reliable and fastest service providers on the market.
In two months, the hosting provider maintained an average of 99.99 per cent uptime, much more than the official uptime assurance of 99.9 per cent.

While uptime is extremely good, SiteGround’s response speed makes an impression. Its average response time is 217ms, only 1/3 of the average market. Nevertheless, this certainly puts SiteGround among the top providers available.

Finally, SiteGround has data centres across three continents: North America, Europe, and Australia. So you have to pick the closest one to your viewers. This way, you can ensure that there isn’t any latency due to distance.

In the end, SiteGround’s performance is extremely good. The uptime is considerably more than stated, and the response time is awe-inspiring. This is unsurprising because SiteGround’s clients’ projects are hosted on the Google Cloud infrastructure.

In sum, SiteGround is very reliable, quick, speedy, and equipped. With numerous tools to manage and share access, It’s among the best alternatives for developing websites for customers.

4. InterServer

InterServer can be trusted, cost-effective, and extremely customizable, making it a desirable choice for web developers. While it primarily targets those with previous experience, it gives a wide range of options for websites with a goal. There’s no-nonsense, no gimmicks. You receive exactly what you spend concerning the resources and security tools.

What kind of tools can developers anticipate?

best interserver webhosting
  • InterServer gives you access to a cPanel-like. It is believed to be among the easiest and most practical to use. If you’re new to the game, you will find it intuitive. If you’re an expert, then you’re comfortable with it.
  • It’s easy to scale up with InterServer. InterServer is a company that follows a strict policy, which means you won’t have to pay for anything you don’t need. You’ll get an increased “slice” in server power and power for each plan you purchase.
  • When it comes to the flexibility of programming language, InterServer has quite a range of choices. The company does support not only PHP but also other languages such as Python or Ruby on Rails.
  • If you’re looking to enhance and continually improve your website. However, if you want to do it in a secure environment without affecting the “live” website, InterServer has a staging option. You can access it using the Softaculous app installer.

It’s simple, InterServer is a straightforward hosting service. It is not a marketing campaign for fancy tools you may never use. Instead, the company provides the server with resources and other features to make your hosting experience as easy as possible.

Moving on to InterServer’s plans, the company offers 3 plans ranging from $2.50/month (with discounts) to $19.95/month.

Boost 2, and Boost 4 are clear upgrades of The Standard plan, which is why it’s not surprising that both plans come with the same basic resources, such as unlimited website bandwidth, storage, emails, and free SSL well as CDN.

What’s the main difference between plans? In simple terms, each plan has an additional “server room,” making one plan more robust. With this in mind, it depends on you and your requirements to pick the best plan. But, as InterServer simplifies scaling, I would suggest starting with Standard.

Performance of InterServer

InterServer is believed to be highly reliable but slower than average service.

InterServer had only 13 minutes of downtime for over three years, resulting in an almost perfect 99.99% uptime. It’s always a pleasure to know that InterServer provides better service than they promise. But, unfortunately, uptime guarantees are not guaranteed by the official company.

Although this provider isn’t the fastest on the list, its standard response times of 662ms are below the market’s average. Should you be concerned about it? It’s not, but can the situation be improved? 100%!

Furthermore, since servers are situated in the US and your customers also be located there. This way, you’ll ensure that your users receive the best experience.

The performance is good. However, it comes with a warning. While the response time is impressive, it is highly unlikely that you’ll experience poor response times unless you reside in the US.

InterServer is a simple hosting platform that provides high-quality and reliable services. In addition, the prices are affordable for both low-cost and premium-end plans.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost is an American hosting company established in 2003 in Utah. Bluehost has more than twenty million sites and is among the most well-known and popular hosting providers around the globe.

Bluehost has a variety of programming languages that run on servers, such as Ruby, Python, Ruby, and Perl. This is an advantage for developers. To install Node.js for the first time, you’ll need a Bluehost VPS Server or private server.

Bluehost provides a dedicated VPS server and shared hosting. Plans begin at $3.59 monthly and include an unrestricted domain in the initial year.

  • PHP 7.2
  • MySQL databases
  • PostgreSQL
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • SSL Free
  • Python
  • Perl 5
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an Ann Arbor-based business. The company has been operating since 2001 and provides various hosting options. Shared Hosting is most suitable for small sites that have little traffic.
A2 also provides Windows hosting.

7. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one platform that strives to provide high-quality service to everyone, including web developers. This philosophy has resulted in an extensive and well-equipped hosting service. There are many options, especially for Web hosting services for programmers.

But what are the alternatives to help you create and maintain a professional website?

  • InMotion employs the well-known and well-loved cPanel. If you’ve had experience with hosting websites, you likely know how through it. If not, it shouldn’t be long to master it. The panel is easy and simple to navigate.
  • If you’d like to use an alternative programming language to PHP, InMotion has several alternatives. It lets you create web-based applications using Ruby, Perl, and Python. Unfortunately, this flexibility is rare when it comes to shared hosting plans.
  • If you’re planning to work with a couple of others working on the project you’re working on, InMotion allows you to add new users to the site. They’ll be given a unique login to your account. Furthermore, you will be able to restrict their access to your account.
  • As with the other providers listed on this list, InMotion also includes GIT as a part of all plans. With this program, you can keep track of and manage your files and even restore older versions if things turn to the worst.

The hosting provider is among the most reliable suppliers for reseller hosting. Getting an account for as low as $15.39/mo is possible. It’s even white-label, and you can apply your logo whenever possible.

In the end, InMotion is very generous in terms of features. For example, it’s the only provider listed on this list to provide the widest range of programming languages as part of the shared hosting plan.

In the search for plans and prices, four Shared hosting plans range from $2.29/month to up to $12.99/month. However, if you don’t think shared Hosting is what you’re looking for, the service also offers VPS plans that start at $17.99/mo.

If you’re discussing hosted hosting shared, the plans offer free SSL email, SSH access, and unlimited bandwidth. In addition, all plans, except for the entry plan, including the option of a domain for free but automated backups, cost an extra $24 annually.

Regarding specific differences, the largest ones are in the number of websites hosted and the storage size. Since the choices are wide, picking the right plan completely depends on your needs. If you require more storage and power, choose pricier plans, while smaller tasks can be accomplished with less expensive options.

Performance of InMotion Hosting

Analyzing the performance of InMotion, It seems like InMotion is reliable; however, it is somewhat slow.
The host maintained the dependable 99.98 100% uptime in just two months. This is an excellent outcome when the uptime promise is 99.9 per cent. The time to respond, on the contrary, is less appealing.

Although an average response time of 759ms seems reasonable, I would like to highlight that it’s lower than the average market response time of 600ms. So, in a nutshell, InMotion might not knock you off your feet due to its speed; however, it’s not bad at all.

In that regard, the service allows you to select the server’s place… However, the server location is limited to two servers, both in the US; this means it will be most effective in the States.

In conclusion, the service is extremely stable, but speed isn’t InMotion’s main selling point. This service is a good choice if you’re not overly concerned with speedy response times.

In the end, InMotion Hosting offers advanced features at a cost that could raise eyebrows. It offers great features such as the staging feature and also GIT. Additionally, it supports various programming languages. However, the time to respond could be difficult to ignore.

8. WP Engine Hosting

Excellent performance, solid security, and various additional features have earned WP Engine its place among the top web hosting solutions for developers. WP Engine offers WordPress-specific hosting that is Premium.

While the cost is more expensive than the typical shared hosting plan, which retails for The host is robust to reliable. Excellent performance, solid security, and additional features have earned it its place in developers’ top Web hosting options.

What are those capabilities that you, as a developer, could use?

  • WP Engine uses its native user interface to manage your website and hosting services. It’s a custom-built tool exclusively for WordPress websites only.
  • WP Engine goes above and above when it comes down to staging. The only service on this list offers three environments: staging, development, and production. Each one of these environments comes with its management menu. This lets you set up separate environments and test your site how you like by creating your workflow.
best wpengine webhosting
  • To make it easier to track the changes you make to your website, WP Engine has GIT built into its various plans.
    If you want to collaborate with others in an assignment, you can create user permissions and assign roles to specific users. You can even track the activities of each user.
  • One of the best things about WP Engine is how all plans can be used, like reseller hosting. Transferring ownership of your site and billing to your customer is easy.

In sum, WP Engine is very practical and business-oriented. In addition, numerous tools, including 3 distinct settings and options for resellers, make WP Engine attractive to developers.
Regarding the plans offered by WP Engine, the company offers four plans which start at $22.50/month and rise to $217.50/month with a 1 year billing time.

All plans include a cost-free SSL, SSH, daily backups, and a staging area; a free domain isn’t included with all plans.

While a lot of things are similar but there are some variations also. The most significant ones are related to the number of sites you can host, how many storage spaces you have, and the amount of traffic your plan can handle.

Based on this, it is possible to choose the most affordable plan if you’re looking to host a single site to use for personal purposes is what you’re looking for. Or, if you want to offer Web hosting to your customers, you should select an expensive plan depending on the number of customers you’ve got.

WP Engine performance

The performance of WP Engine is efficient and fast.
After two months of testing, WP Engine kept a 100 100% uptime. WP Engine is also a few that offer more than 99.9 100% uptime assurance, 99.95% to be specific.

When we look at the response time, the response time is found to average 489ms. A reasonable response time is significantly faster than the typical 600ms for the market. It’s also very steady – no higher peak times were seen.
Furthermore, WP Engine allows you to pick between the 20 servers available.

This wide range of choices ensures you’ll find the most convenient server site for your target customers. It’s the standard truth that the further away you are and the more efficient the service.

Overall, WP Engine delivers very rapid and reliable performance. The speed of uptime is flawless, and the speed of response will not leave you wondering about the speed of the service.

In short, WP Engine is a premium service provider that provides top-quality solutions, including three different staging environments and GIT integration. Additionally, it makes it simple to sell hosting services to your clients.

9. Best Cloud Hosting For Developers

Cloud hosting lets you save data across multiple computers and connect to it through a network: the Internet—cloud hosting functions as a single system with unlimited processing capacity and storage capacity.

Cloud hosting’s most appealing feature is connecting to the server using SSH and installing any technology you want. So, for example, if you’ve created a great Node.js software, you can connect to Node.js software and operate your app seamlessly using your cloud hosting.

10. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is an NYC-based cloud infrastructure service with data centres across the globe.
DigitalOcean is an online hosting service that is focused on developers. All plans come with the 99.9 100% uptime guarantee, extreme scalability, and SSH access that allows you to install essential features your clients require for your site.

11. HostGator Cloud

hostgator Hosting for every website

HostGator is a hosting provider that has hosted hundreds of websites in the last 25 years and is among the most well-known web hosting companies. HostGator offers various options for web hosting that include shared and dedicated. Cloud hosting from HostGator is the most affordable price.

People also ask

Which hosting is best for developers?

Hosting providers like DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform are popular for developers due to their flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive toolsets for building and deploying applications.

Who is the number 1 website hosting?

Identifying a single “number 1” website hosting provider is difficult as it depends on individual needs. Popular options include Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator and Hostiner.

Which hosting is best in Pakistan?

Some popular hosting providers in Pakistan include Hostinger, HosterPK, and WebSouls. It’s essential to consider factors such as pricing, server reliability, customer support, and features when choosing a hosting provider.

Which hosting is faster?

The hosting speed depends on various factors like server location, hardware, and optimization. Generally, VPS and dedicated hosting are usually faster than shared hosting due to more resources allocated to individual websites.

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