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One of the largest and biggest freelance marketplaces has introduced significant changes to its Connects. Connects can be used to place bids on clients and project placement. This December, we’ll be revealing what you can expect from Connects.

  • If you take a response to an offer or are invited for interviews, then you will win 10 Connects. You can also earn 50 Connects per seven days.
  • There’s a rise in the amount of Connects that a new candidate receives. They will now receive 80 Connects, with 40 to pass the Upwork Test of Readiness. Test.
  • Increase the monthly free Connects included on the Freelancer Basic plan from 0 to 10.
  • Increase the free monthly Connects for the Freelancer Plus plan from 70 to 80.
  • The Freelancer Basic and Connects Limit of Rollover by 200 from the 140-140 limit.

The changes to Connect changes are remarkable. Before new freelancers were able to receive 20 connections, however, the number of connections increased to 80. Freelancers will also receive more links when they take the test of readiness for Upwork and when they achieve the rising talent badge.

upwork connects

Basic Freelanceraccounts get 10 Connects for free each month. Accounts with Freelancer Plus accounts get 80 Connects free every month.

Additionally, freelancers will be able to keep Connects longer at the end of every month, with a limit on rollovers of 200. To clarify the difference between winning an interview and winning a job. Distinct from securing employment.

This is all you have to be aware of.

  • You request an opportunity.
  • You are invited to speak with a customer.
  • Respond, take part in an interview, and you could win the chance to win.

You’ll receive an additional 10 Connects following the interview. You can earn 50 Connects in a Day for seven days.

Note: The bonuses of Connects are not applicable to direct solicitations.

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