5 Fundamentals of Blogging To Learn Before Starting A Blog

Blogging has been touted as a potential source for earning cash online for a long time. To make money through your blog, I’ve come up with the five basic blogging principles that you must master before you start your blog.

Let’s begin!

The Five Fundamentals of Blogging

First of all, many people begin blogging without having enough perspective. Usually, they find themselves feeling frustrated about not getting anywhere.

I’ve personally experienced it. This is why I’m writing this post for you to be aware of and avoid unnecessary problems.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this post.

  • History of Blogs
  • Uses of Blogging
  • Blog Monetization Methods
  • Importance of Valuable Content
  • The Two Models of Blogging
The Five Fundamentals of Blogging

Based on the list, I’ll guide you through these five basic blogging principles to broaden your understanding of blogs. I’m sure that at the end of this post, you’ll be in a position to make an informed choice regarding your blog’s future.

The article offers valuable and uncommon information for newbies and people who have been dissatisfied with their first blogging attempts. Continue reading to learn the reasons why most bloggers.

The History of Blogs

As the internet grew, only geeks could create websites. A few people began writing stories about their daily routines and occasions (just as a diary). The online journals soon earned their names; blogs.

They later gained popularity in the form of blog sites. However, only a few people could write blogs due to the technical aspects required. As time passed, companies saw the potential and began promoting their services and products through blogs.

Due to the smaller number of people using the internet (fewer websites and more Content), Web searches have generated massive traffic to older blogs with no effort.

The History of Blogs

How & Why Blogs Became Common?

As technology advances and software development, user-friendly C.M.S. (C.M.S.) emerged. These platforms let ordinary people (like you and me) create blogs without programming knowledge.

The popularity of blogs increased, and they did not have to be exclusively business or personal. Bloggers began writing about anything. Hosting and domains were also booming due to the massive popularity of blogs.

It is easy to imagine the growing blog’s popularity because, today, 4.5 million blog posts are published, and thousands of new ones are added each minute.

How Can Blogs Be Used?

The blog is an effective online tool. Your blog can be a valuable online asset. Blogs are a great way to earn money and give the blogger respect, authority, and money.

  • Let me go over some of the things that blogs are famous for.
  • Blogs are a place that allows the expression of your creativity.
  • It allows you to have the ability to influence other people by helping them solve their issues.
  • Blogs can be used to help educate others (that’s the reason I chose to do it by writing this post, for instance).
  • A blog is an excellent tool for communication that can be used to build strong relationships.
  • Blogs can make you cash.

I included money towards the end of the article because it is impossible to earn money through blogs when you cannot solve other people their problems, help people, or establish solid connections.

How Are Blogs Monetized?

To make money, a Website requires the things a legitimate business requires trust and distribution channels. No one buys from a store that isn’t trusted. The credibility of a blog is built by posting great content and interacting with more readers.

This is the distribution method for your blog, email list, and email newsletter. Trust and distribution channels must be created by you using determination and dedication.

This is a brief outline of the steps of earning money from the blog. (It’s only a quick overview of getting the idea of what it is.)

  1. Create a blog focused on solving a specific issue for your target audience. The more detailed the blog, the more specific.
  2. You can draw the attention of people that trust your brand through (a) writing valuable Content that solves the problem and (b) marketing the Content.
  3. Monetize your blog by:-
  • Displaying Ads (Advertisement, Google Adsense)
  • selling other products that are relevant to your target audience (Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, etc…)
  • Sell your e-book or online course, product, Service and physical item or Service, etc. (Own Product)

It’s simple to read, but remember that making money through your blog isn’t an easy task. It is necessary to put in the effort to achieve it.

How Are Blogs Monetized?

Why Content Matter?

Let me clarify this. If you do not produce material, you’ll not succeed when it comes to blogging. A blog post isn’t enough.

It is impossible to create a successful and profitable blog unless you consider the two Content elements.

The first one is number one…

Produce Valuable Content

Many experts believe it is Content that’s the most important thing. Good Content is the primary factor in determining the performance of blogs.

To make your blog profitable, produce helpful Content. It has to be the kind of Content your visitors want to read and share.

The second thing to consider could be…

Produce It Consistently

If you publish two excellent posts in a year and nothing else, your blog will not succeed. It will not get any attention because Google doesn’t appreciate blogs that do not have helpful Content or aren’t consistently maintained.

If you don’t stay consistent, You will never be able to build credibility on your topic, and you’ll never be trusted. While writing valuable Content is the primary goal of blogging, the process of writing consistently is much more crucial.

In other words, there’s no traffic or revenue for you to earn from blogging.

Which Blogging Model Suits You?

Do not begin your blog if you don’t know the basic blogging principles. Likely, you don’t understand blogs because they aren’t discussed often.

Understanding the different types of blogging can aid you in deciding how to move ahead and provide you with more motivation starting from the beginning. Let me go over the two types of blogging straightforwardly.

Magazine Model of Blogging

Several blogs operate on this model. Mashable, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, ProPaksistani, TechJuice, Beingguru, and Techeufy, are among the most well-known local and international blogs based on the model of magazines for blogging.

The magazine model demands lots of Content and, therefore, a significant amount of time. To be successful, you need to publish an enormous amount of Content that breaks the news in your field ahead of others and covers a wide range of subjects within your general topic.

Take note of the following Consider the following points:

  • In terms of money, the model magazine regularly demands millions and thousands of readers to make money from advertising (the most commonly used method of earning money through magazine model blogs). Another alternative is to write sponsored Content (I often see these on ProPakistani every Day).
  • In terms of management, the model for magazines does not work for everyone. Most popular magazine blogs employ an entire team composed of Content managers, writers, and contributors who maintain the blog’s activity. It’s not only possible for a person to fulfill the standards of the model of blogging in magazines.

Expert Model of Blogging

The name implies that the model of expert blogging demands that one be (or slowly become) an expert on the area your blog is about. If we are talking about an exclusive, targeted, or authority blog, it refers to the model blog that is expert.

A few of the critical features of the professional model of blogging include:

  • The basis of the model of expert blogging is quality Content. It doesn’t need lots of Content (quantity); however, quality is the top priority.
  • It’s suitable for those with other obligations (like an academic or job) since it doesn’t need posting a large amount of Content.
  • It is easy to manage by committing only 1-3 hours each day.
  • When you’re regarded as an expert in your field and you can survive, you’ll be publishing 3-4 articles each month.
  • Expert model blogging gives greater (and more) options for monetization. Affiliate marketing is an effective start, but the best way to make cash is to create and sell your digital product.

The most successful individual blog writers have built their websites around a model of blogging that is a professional. The blogs by Neil Patel (QuickSprout, for example) are model blogs that experts have developed.

This video explains these blogging models. I enjoy Yaro because Yaro is the reason I learned my basics correctly.


Starting a blog requires understanding what it is to begin your blog. There’s a lot of information available on the internet, yet newbies are getting more confused about what they should do and where to begin.

I wrote this article to clear some of the common confusion. Here’s a summary of what the article discussed.

  • How blogs started and became popular.
  • What can blogs be used for?
  • How exactly does a blogger earn money?
  • How much content matters?
  • What are the two blogging models and which one suits the individuals?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Most importantly, I hope it has made a difference to you. My goal is to make an impact.

Be sure to follow these basic guidelines before starting your blog, and you’ll be more in comparison to the vast majority of people who want to start blogs.

As you contribute more, you will receive.

This is the law of knowing too. Share the article with your friends on social media pages to spread the information. If you’ve got any concerns or comments about this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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