Why am I not Getting Orders on Fiverr?

Fiverr is among the world’s biggest Freelance marketplaces. Getting orders on Fiverr is dependent on creating an attractive GIG that gets orders. When freelancers ignore minor details while creating a GIG, they doubt if it is worth taking the time to work spending time on Fiverr. If you’re struggling as a freelancer using Fiverr and wonder why I am not getting orders from Fiverr, these are the things you might do wrong.

As freelancing for nearly two decades, I get asked frequently, “Sir, why do I not receive orders from Fiverr?”

I’ll go over every vital aspect, often overlooked or too much emphasized, resulting in a shortage of orders for your Gig.

Lack of English/Communication Skills:

Communication Skills
  • Your resume is your resume, and it shouldn’t contain serious English errors like:
  • “I deliver a top-quality working service with 100% missile accuracy.”
  • “I have been involved in more than 200 projects across many other markets. I’m a champ; understand my abilities, please.”
  • “Before you order, please talk to me and brief your task project details.”
  • “I am the best; you try – I deliver.”
  • Select me; I’m the most effective; otherwise, you’re losing.
  • If you need help, don’t worry. Do not worry – Raj is waiting for you.

I could go on for hours concerning English and communication errors, but I’ll stop here. A native English speaker will not pay attention to such Gigs and instead proceed to the next Gig to make their purchase.

How can we solve this problem?

I know English is not your first language when you’re an Asian; however, you can work to improve your English. One of the most effective methods to improve your English is reading many English publications, watching television, and conversing with people in English. If you practice, you’ll improve yours. I strongly recommend Grammarly’s free software, which can be downloaded onto your web browser. It identifies an error in spelling in your writing and determines what tone you are using in your text.

Your Price doesn’t make sense:

$5 for two hours, $2.50 each hour, and $40 for 10 hours; $4.50/hour. The more your quantity, the more the hourly rate. This isn’t attractive pricing. It’s essential to comprehend that the pricing must be standard.

Stop praising yourself:

When your Gig is about you, how happy you are, and how keen you are about receiving the latest order and are just waiting to hear back, or maybe, you’re not familiar with Fiverr; however, you’ve got over 10 years of experience. This isn’t going to work; stop doing this!

Instead, change the focus on the customer. Could you explain what you can do to help them?

I believe that the three factors mentioned above are crucial to creating an appealing Gig. Let me summarize them for you.

  • Clean up the English. Also, make use of the Grammarly tool.
  • Set up a logical pricing system. Do not charge on the fly.
  • Discuss what you can offer the client.

It would be best if you Also did This:

Optimize your Gig description. Look at what other people have done in their Gigs. The ideal Good Gig is friendly, clear, and concise, using the right keywords and categories. It is crucial to separate keywords when you write tags.

Make sure you create all the gigs that are permitted to create. There are the most basic, common-sense guidelines. The more gigs you’ve got more chances of receiving an order. What’s the reason for not taking advantage of this opportunity?

Create similar Gigs with slightly different kinds of services. It is frequently observed that once one Gig sells, the others start to rank higher. The presence of more Gigs that have a particular keyword tag can help you get more orders. A specific keyword tag can aid a seller in achieving a high rank in search results for the keyword.

Promotion is essential. It’s what’s known as”dirty work,” and you need to spread all the information you can about your Gig. It can be done by using word of mouth advertising using social media or email promotions.

Use the correct tags when creating your Gig on Fiverr. You’ll notice at the bottom of the first page that you will be asked to add tags. Tags make the Gig discoverable. They are the words buyers can use to search for and find your Gig. If you’re interested in knowing which tags are appropriate for your Gig, look up your Gig on Google and look through the first 10 gigs on the homepage. Copy the tags of one of the gigs to use them as your tag. When these gigs are searched, your Gig will appear at the top of the page.

Create a compelling and compelling message in the buyer’s demand

I do not believe that novices make use of buyers’ requests to get started on Fiverr since even the oldest sellers use the page to make sure that their orders aren’t as high. It is evident it’s a popular page on Fiverr. It is a level one seller competing with the second-level seller to do the same task. How do you craft your proposal to convince the bidder?

Write an offer that is relevant to the requirements of the buyer. Don’t just send generic responses such as “I will do it for you,” and you’ll take care of what exactly? Be sure to describe what the buyer is looking to purchase, then describe how you will complete the task and explain the equipment, software, and techniques you’ll use to complete the task. Do all possible to persuade the purchaser.

Do not send your offer until before the 10th offering has been made when you send your offers; make sure you focus on the first 10 slots. Most likely, buyers won’t take the time to read past the tenth offer. Always offering your offer between the fifteenth to the thirty-five decreases the chances of being hired and could result in the waste of your offer because there is a limited amount of offer 10 per day.

Make sure you proofread your offer before sending it out. Send it: most sellers rush to make offers that contain a lot of grammatical mistakes as they are eager to send the next offer. What will it gain you if you send out 10 offers and do not receive any sales? Relax, make your proposal/offer written and make sure you proofread it to ensure it’s free of grammatical mistakes.

Include that you’ll send an example or even provide an unpaid sample to the purchaser: this will attract the attention of buyers when you say you will provide a sample for free of the task they have asked for. The first step is to send an email, and the second is to obtain an order. Therefore, it is best to send a message along with your proposal even if the buyer might not ask for the entire contents you’ve put in your proposal.

Include the name of the buyer and your name instead of saying hello; for instance, then why not use the phrase: “Hi Sagaciousguru, I am aware that you require the assistance of …, my name Ken as well as I’m adept at doing this and the next step is to follow the above method of stating how you’d accomplish the job.

Make sure you’re always online

Think of a potential buyer who sends you a message, and you respond within six hours. It is a sure bet that the buyer has most likely received a different seller. Another advantage of being online as long to be possible is that when a buyer sends a message, they often respond to online sellers. Not only that, the first one to respond to their message wins the task. In most cases, buyers don’t simply message one seller and then sleep. They send messages to some sellers and wait to see which of them will be quick to respond. Some buyers don’t even read your message once they have sent you messages and then reply just a few hours later.

Promote your Gig through social media platforms

You can utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc., for promoting your Gig. The benefit of the same is that even when it isn’t possible to convince people to purchase your services, you will receive visits and clicks from them, which will increase the chance that your Gig will be listed on the search engine Fiverr. It is possible to use paid advertisements such as Google Adwords and paid Facebook ads to promote your gigs and even get work.

Take care of your customers

If you do eventually find the buyer, make sure you do to do everything you can to maintain your relationship with them so that you can earn five stars. This will increase the chances of securing another job, and your business is listed at the top of a Fiverr search.

Don’t get too desperate. This could hinder you from being hired. Customers can spot it by how you draft your proposal or how you respond to their messages in your inbox. Do not try to impress. Be yourself and appear as professional as you can since Fiverr requires a certain amount of professionalism as with the natural world.

Making Offers to Buyers

Buyer offers are like projects posted by users of Upwork on Guru. The client creates a project open to Fiverr freelancers to make an offer.

If buyers cannot find what they’re looking for in a gig, they decide to put up a Buyer’s offer. If your Gig is in line with the subject of the offer, you can see the request to offer, and you can reply directly.

For instance, if a buyer asks for 20 video testimonials to be included in an event, and you include video testimonials on your Gig, you’ll be able to see what the client’s Gig (offer) demands.

Note: Any misuse of this feature marketing your services as a seller may cause your account to be suspended (disabled)

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