How to Get First Order on Fiverr in 2023

Are you looking for a way to place your first order on Fiverr?

The process of placing your first order on Fiverr can be a challenge for individuals selling on the platform. In actual fact, it is in all likelihood more difficult than ever before due to the growing number of new sellers signing up to the platform.

The world’s workforce is going freelance. It’s freedom. You can choose the hours you work and earn unlimited cash. Self-employment is a dream for everyone. Who doesn’t want to be your boss and put in the effort to create a secure income and live financially secure?

The number of websites that offer freelance work increases for online jobs as freelancers. In a market for freelancers where every primary site is promoting an auction-style model, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers that focuses on selling services.

Buyers log on to Fiverr and look up what they want and browse through various offers. If they like the Gig, that’s essentially an attractive service that includes attractive photos with a complete description, cost, and even a timeline; they purchase the Gig by placing an order. The freelancer who is ordered delivers the order and is paid.

The primary difference between Fiverr and other marketplaces for freelancers like Guru or Upwork is the ability to control. In these sites for direct bidding, the client puts up the project, and the freelancer bids, and if the customer approves of the bid, they will award the project.

As freelancers on Fiverr, it is not possible to have any control over your gigs. But, if you do certain things correctly, you can ensure that your Gig is promoted and could be sold.

So the million-dollar issue is: what characteristics make a performance look appealing to be promoted and attract customers?.

Let’s examine the essential elements to highlight a Gig and obtain orders.

Title & Tags:

Here’s how you can begin to do it.

  • Then, select the Keyword for the category you wish to create a gig for.
  • Look up Fiverr and make sure you sort the result according to “Relevance.”
  • Check out the Gigs on the Top (choose at the very least five).
  • Write the titles of all five Gigs on an index card.
  • Write Tags can be copied from each Gig in a notepad.
  • What is the common element in every one of these Titles?
  • Repeat the procedure for ‘Tags.’ (Shortlist five of the most popular tags, and you’ll get the shortlisted tags (along with a Titles list)
  • Once the analysis has been completed. After that, you can begin to create your title.
  • Choose your category or subcategory.
  • The next step is Tags. You must write the tags you’ve chosen previously. There’s no need to make any changes here. Do not reinvent the wheel. The goal is to find the footsteps of the most successful Gigs and replicate them.


  • Also, you can search your main Keyword on Fiverr.
  • Make sure your results are sorted by “Best Selling.”
  • Open 10 random gigs.
  • Check their packaging carefully and thoroughly.
  • Examine what the most commonality in all these programs is.
  • Select the elements you want to reproduce, copy them, and produce the same “Extras.”
  • Simply put, you can create Packages by looking at the successful gigs already making money on Fiverr.


The recommended recommendations on Gig “Description” is as the following:

  • The first line will include my primary Keyword. I typically alter the wording and write it according to my style.
  • In a new paragraph, I’ll list what I’ll do in the primary – A very brief answer and a previous outcome of a work.’
  • In the next section, “Call To Action,” I will pose an inquiry and offer an avenue for the customer to contact me. This is crucial.
  • It is necessary to describe my work structure, my method of working and make an appealing deal.
  • An in-depth explanation of my services (key elements should be described in bullet points)
  • Why should you choose me? The “Why” is crucial in attracting the attention of the Gig.
  • What is included in the package?. Source files etc.


The images used in the Gig must be professionally designed, attractive, eye-catching, and eye-catching. A stunning image will attract customers, and they will click on your thumbnail. Thus, an appealing, attractive thumbnail is crucial in this.

In the Gig, The importance of video can’t be overstated. If you examine the successful patrons of high-ordered Gigs, you’ll see they have videos. They do, in fact, the majority of them.

Promote Your Videos:

After you’ve made your Gig, The next first step is to make it known via the social networks you use. It is recommended to do this using your Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow you to create public posts (FREE), and you can use hashtags to engage with various groups; for instance, for those who are writers, you could use #writer. If you’re a graphic designer, then make use of #graphicdesign.

The best method of choosing hashtags is to put in # and compose a word such as “graphic.” The platform will then provide you with suggestions for the keywords. Please select the most suitable one and apply it.

Secret Tip

A very creative method to secure an initial gig involves reaching already profitable sellers. They’ve got plenty of work on their plate and have difficulty completing their work in time. If you contact them and ask to help them with a portion of their work, you could get an interview.

This is referred to as gig tie-ups.

The show, Don’t Tell

The most effective way to establish confidence with potential clients is to demonstrate your work rather than telling them you can accomplish it. When you have solid portfolios that aren’t Fiverr, it is no longer necessary to convince buyers to buy your products. The work is proof of your work.

If you’re starting and have no clients, make an empty portfolio. Make sure to publish your most imaginative works to impress the viewers.

Create Minimum 5 Gigs on Fiverr

Every Gig offers a chance for you to be seen by prospective customers. If you can create at least five gigs, you have a more chance of securing your first order through the one you have made.

The goal isn’t to make the same song five times. This is a big no! Instead, make 5 gigs with a few variations. For instance, if you offer social media management services, you could diversify your gigs by industries or social media platforms, or both.

This could be one of your gig titles in this instance:

  • I will help you drive your Facebook Ads that are high-converting Campaigns
  • I will create leads on social media for your Real Estate Agency
  • I can help you earn more income through your Lifestyle Instagram account Etc.

Be active often

Engaging on any social network can allow you an opportunity to make more money from the platform. It’s not difficult to become active on Fiverr because it has an application for mobile that you can install and run on your phone. Many people inquire whether you need to open the Fiverr app to show you are available for buyers.

No, keeping your smartphone connected to the internet is enough to make you active on Fiverr. Also, make sure you activate the active button within the app via the settings available in the app. Then you will see an orange dot under your profile photo, signaling that you’re functioning at the moment to potential buyers.

Send buyer requests on Fiverr

Last but not least, the most critical aspect is sending a buyer request to be your first customer as a Fiverr freelancer. There are only ten opportunities to make buyer requests each day, sufficient to satisfy experienced buyers. As newbie sellers, many make the wrong choice when making buyer request. They ignore the needs of the customer. They cannot catch any clients by submitting offers for buyers’ requests.

Many new sellers take a single offer description and mail it with every buyer’s request. It’s not logical, and buyers will not even consider your offer. Therefore, a thorough reading of the buyer’s demands can help you write a more detailed description of your bid following the buyer’s requirements.

  • Here are some tried and tested tips to create a product description.
  • The seller can be reached by calling his name and identifying him as a friend.
  • Incorporate all the knowledge you’ve had in the past to help with the project
  • Include any additional requirements you require from the buyer
  • Add your portfolio link if you have

Also, include a lower price than the buyer’s budget in your offer, and send your offer to those who have received fewer offers. There are times when you cannot view any requests from buyers in the tab for buyer requests. It’s a common occurrence for newbies, so check and refresh buyers’ demands regularly.

Communicate Effectively

effective communication on fiverr

Many new sellers fail to grasp the power of effective communication; if you can be confident with prospective customers about the products you offer and what you do not respond quickly and provide them with sufficient evidence of your abilities to stand a better likelihood of making the sale.

If a customer contacts you, you should show enthusiasm when explaining your products and services. Do not give a simple answer. Always provide a detailed explanation. Even if you receive the order, ensure that you communicate effectively until you have delivered the order.

If you can use your communication skills effectively, you will be able to receive positive reviews and increase your chances of attracting repeat customers. Fiverr appreciates effective communication enough that it’s one of their top rating factors.

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