What are the Best Freelance Skills in Demand 2023

The new freelancers are always concerned about the skills that are in high demand for freelancers. As an experienced self-employed freelancer that has been working for more than two decades and securing online jobs as a freelancer, I’ve witnessed numerous changes in the popularity of emerging and trendy abilities.

The skill that is sought-after for a few years is no longer in demand later on and is replaced by a new ability. I’ve witnessed Macromedia Flash, Swift 3d and Freehand disappear like dust in the air. Just a few days ago, Flash was a hot cake, highly sought-after and everyone was eager to develop their websites using flash animations with a cheesy look similar to the animation on 2Advanced the website that served as an inspiration to many.

Time flies, but it alters lots of things throughout the course of time. In the present, Flash is no more, and eRain’s Swift 3D has been shut down as well. Adobe Illustrator has taken over Macromedia Freehand.

In my blog articles, I’ve discussed the majority of needed freelance skills that are published by some of the world’s most reputable websites. Each free-lance marketplace publishes its top skills based on the trends that are prevalent in its market.

But, as I’ve observed that there are some skills that are always demanded, and yet, somehow through making a point of highlighting the latest, most innovative abilities, these evergreen abilities don’t get the attention they deserve and don’t get a spot on the list.

As a freelancer who’s been in business for a long time, and an educator who’s observed it better than many on the market I have compiled my top 10 most sought-after freelance skills applicable to every freelance market. The order doesn’t necessarily reflect the number of projects or demand.

Best Freelance Skills in Demand

Website Development

site development

You can either keep it or delete it, yep web development has been and will continue to be the most demanded freelance talent.

Due to the boom in internet connectivity, small companies are making huge strides to have their websites designed. With COVID-19, the need for eCommerce sites has grown significantly, as observed in this report.

Web developers, regardless of the platform they select to build their websites are highly sought-after across all freelance marketplaces.

Software Development

I am unable to comprehend why software development doesn’t rank as a highly sought-after ability that freelancers need?.

If I take a look at the projects by freelancers on Upwork or Guru, I can see the high demand for developers of desktop software. Clients are still looking for quality software developers to build their desktop and cloud-based software/applications.

Graphics Designing

Computers require graphics, consequently, the need for graphic artists will be present. For web-based, social media, or print media, graphic design projects are available in large numbers on all marketplaces for freelancers.

With the development of more websites and more websites being developed, the need for UX/UI is growing. This is also a growing demand to design user interfaces for mobile applications.


seo website

Everyone needs a website, But without any traffic to the website it is worthless. SEO (search engine optimization) assists in improving the position of a site in the major internet search engine, Google primarily.

There are a lot of courses available on the internet, but my favorite is available on Udemy. It is possible to master this skill within six months and use it in order to improve your skills. Remember, this field is constantly changing because the algorithm used for SEO on Google alters rapidly.

React Native/ Angular JS/ WordPress

The need to react-native Angular JSP, as well as WordPress, is evident in the majority of projects on the major websites for freelancers like Guru.com or Upwork.com. It’s not a bad idea to master these skills and find the confidence to pitch a proposal for these projects.

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

javascript and web development

Web development remains one of the top tasks in the freelancing market. Particularly, JavaScript programming, in addition to CSS and HTML programming skills, came in as the top among the top 15 skills that are most sought-after in the marketplace UpWork by 2020.

JavaScript specifically was high on the agenda because of several businesses and brands trying out the use of interactive features on their sites. This is the ideal year to develop your JavaScript capabilities and take advantage of the opportunities on the market.

Be aware that more demand means greater competition. You’ll be competing with hundreds of other freelancers to get web-related development projects.

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

The need for social media-based marketing and digital marketing, and other services has risen in recent years as a result of an increase in the use of social media sites like Facebook as well as Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and Pinterest. These indicate that they will hold an influential position in the future as highly sought-after capabilities.

Smaller businesses are in search of DM (Digital Marketing) and SMMA (Social media marketing agency) experts to assist in reaching out to potential customers and conducting business on the internet.

Animations/Video Creation

Most social media websites prefer video content over photos and posts with text. It has further increased the need for video-related content, animation as they are more engaging. Even when they’re advertised they are able to get better results.

YouTube has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent times. This has also increased the demand for video production and animation. Software programs like Fimora, Adobe Premier are highly sought-after for editing video tasks.

Creative Writer

freelance skill Creative Writer

I’ve observed that all freelancer websites experience an influx of new projects that are seeking bloggers, content writers.

The usual requirement is to locate an author who can write an SEO-researched and optimized article with an average word count that ranges between 500-2000 words. In these types of posts clients specifically, ask writers to do keyword research so that the article can be ranked once it is it is published.

In the same way, there is an immense need for bloggers to write often for blogs. You can earn money through your blog in a variety of ways. For this purpose, you can avail of special services that can help you effectively organize your work and to find new customers and buyers for content.

In this way, you’ll be able to sign up with Adsy which is the guest posting service as an author.

In the end, it’s quite easy:

  • 1. Upload your blog’s links (or bulk upload if having lots of them) to the site
  • 2. Make your own price to work at.
  • 3. Accept new assignments from buyers Complete them, and then make your payments.

The more websites you create the more customers and orders you’ll get. It’s as easy as 1-3-2.

Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

No matter the technical expertise such as data entry, virtual assistant positions have always been in high demand. These skills don’t require a four-year college diploma and are highly sought-after on all freelancer sites.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming

Blockchain is a programming language that handles and records information regarding cryptocurrency transactions. But, unlike other languages of coding, it is extremely resistant to any external modifications. This means that although each transaction online is transparent, it can’t be affected by any person who isn’t the owner of the data.

While it’s an extremely new technology in the field of cryptocurrency it has rapidly become the most popular method of managing data. Due to the security of its indestructible transactions, businesses (especially in finance, law logistics, and law) are anticipated to invest up to $15.9 billion in blockchain in the year 2023.

This is good news for freelancers because blockchain is a specific field that requires expertise, it’s clear there are not enough experts with the skills to program as well as manage the blockchain. So that if you’ve got the expertise to prove it, you’re likely to come across many clients searching for an expert in blockchain.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Development

AWS is the biggest cloud storage service, and it’s utilized by a variety of big corporations like Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack. Actually, The Verge reports that in the event that you attempted to block all information stored in AWS it would only leave with 60 percent of the web.

However, cloud-based storage is susceptible to hacker attacks and malfunctions. And every time it’s down, it’s like half of the internet goes down.

There are two options you can choose to take as an AWS architect. You’ll either be working in direct partnership with Amazon to make sure there is as little disruption to the system as you can or offer cloud-based management services to various businesses that use Amazon’s cloud storage.

Although the salary per year is a lot, there’s a good chance that no one will be able to hire you full-time therefore, you must create a loyal customer base. Charge the same monthly amount.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

The need for developers to develop both Android and iOS apps is growing at a rapid rate. App Annie’s report for 2019 illustrates that in the span of just one year, apps stores generated more than 200 billion downloads, while users spent $120 billion on in-app purchases and apps. With an average of more than 3 hours per day on their mobiles, it’s not surprising that companies are focused on promoting their products and services via mobile apps.

This is a fantastic possibility for developers of mobile apps to build on their talents and skills. Businesses are always looking for freelancers who can design codes, test, and develop applications for smartphones and tablets. This need won’t slow down anytime soon and will enable you to earn a living from being a mobile developer freelance for the duration of time phones remain an integral part of our daily life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

If you’re interested in machine learning, the way machines work, and how they interact with humans You’re in the right place. Based on the LinkedIn study, AI roles make up most of the top new positions in 2020. 33% of companies are releasing AI plans for development.

More than 50% of enterprises are using some form of machine learning. However, AI is an entirely relatively new concept and is likely to develop as time passes. In general, AI is utilized to help make life easier every algorithm and code is developed using a real-world problem in the mind. It’s a broad field that requires all experts to master the art of creating algorithms, creating functional facial or voice recognition programs, or building fully functional robots.

Selecting AI as your career choice can not only permit employees to join top-of-the-line companies but will also allow you to create your own home automation scripts devices like Alexa as well as Google Home. You can then earn an additional profit selling them through Amazon’s Amazon Alexa store or the Google Home app.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Data analytics is among the fastest-growing fields on the market for jobs; however, the rapid growth of this field has created an unsatisfactory demand for workers that can’t be met. According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers report, there will be 2.7 million available data analyst job positions by the end of 2020 — but not enough skilled specialists to apply.

Businesses will have to compete for every skilled data analyst, increasing the chances of gaining clients while living happily as self-employed specialists.

If you’re working as a Data Analyst you’ll be gathering, organizing, and analyzing massive amounts of data to produce insightful reports for every business. It is crucial for every Data analyst to pay close concentration on the details to recognize patterns emerging and potential system errors. In addition, data analysts frequently collaborate with web developers to develop seamless systems for data collection.

Online Security and Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity Ventures’ 2019 Cybersecurity Market Report reveals that increasing cyber-attacks are forcing businesses to boost their cybersecurity budgets, which are forecast to exceed $1 trillion in 2021. While it’s not a new phenomenon, cyber security is fast becoming the top priority for many businesses which is resulting in more positions and opportunities for security professionals.

Cybersecurity experts work to safeguard sensitive information that’s stored and collected by a majority of online companies. They usually work in conjunction with ethical hackers who are hired to penetrate a company’s network to assess whether it’s secure. They create complete reports that outline areas of improvement. These are then handed to security professionals whose job is to implement the necessary modifications.

Both freelance positions can have a significant impact on the company’s online security. Both are highly sought-after, with forecasts to increase for the foreseeable future.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

In the Small Business Report, 60 percent of small business owners say they aren’t sure about the best way to handle their finances and don’t have the resources to employ a full-time expert.

This has created a niche in the market for accountants who are freelance and bookkeepers, who typically offer their services at a cheaper cost. You’ll stand out to prospective clients if you possess the financial software needed for all tasks.

As a bookkeeper and accountant, You’ll be accountable for handling payroll, calculating taxes and keeping financial records, and preparing annual financial reports and financial plans for the coming year.

It is also possible to manage tax returns and investigations into fraud when your client is in trouble. The role you play will change a little bit based on the client’s needs, however, these distinctions provide a positive working environment in which every day is different from the previous.

Content Editing Skills

Content Editing freelance Skills

Research has shown the majority of buyers will not purchase products from a business that has poor grammar, as they believe it’s related to inferior quality. A further 41% of customers agreed that spelling and grammar mistakes are an indication of the company’s lack of attention and professionalism.

It is a requirement for businesses to employ editors who will review each document for plagiarism or spelling, grammar, or grammar errors and ensure that content is in accordance with company guidelines. In essence, every single document you read went through an editor’s review — even this one.

That means that as long as writers are around, and are compensated to do their work, editors will as well.

For the ideal match look at what excites you best and the areas where your strengths are. As writers, there are many options ranging from commercial advertising to literature and poetry.

Illustration Skills

Employers hire illustrators instead of employing stock images to distinguish themselves from their rivals. The style of the illustrations will vary.

Illustrations can be found in advertisements, articles, and promotional materials, both on and offline. Experts believe that illustrations and animation will be worth $270 billion in value at the end of 2020.

The vast majority of illustrators today are independent or own design studios of their own. This is why, if you decide to pursue illustration as a profession of choice, you must create your own distinctive style or specific area of expertise.

By doing this, you will be able to attract more clients who are interested in purchasing specific styles and allow the artist to distinguish himself from other artists. Your style will largely depend on what you enjoy most. It could be digital artwork sketches, portraits, or even watercolors. It is important to improve your skills in the medium you choose to work with.

Virtual Assistant Skills

Virtual Assistant Skills

Businesses, big as well as small, are trying to find ways to improve their business, while also being efficient. Because hiring virtual assistants could lower operating costs by as high as 78 percent, business owners search for freelance experts on the internet.

The reason for these huge savings is due to the fact that VAs possess an unending skillset. They’re responsible for a variety of duties including administrative and customer support, creating marketing campaigns, and creating websites. It is common for companies to employ one person to fill several roles rather than sourcing every role individually.

If you’re looking to become a VA it isn’t necessary to be restricted to one particular industry. Every industry is different in the tasks you’ll have to complete and therefore you might decide to test various industries to discover which aspect of work is appealing to you the most.

For instance, being a VA for a finance firm may require you to perform accounting tasks, while an assistant working in the fashion industry is more likely to communicate with other stakeholders. Once you’ve identified your strengths, it will be more straightforward to advertise your skills for every industry.

Video Editing

If you’re not keen on making videos, but like working with moving images, consider exploring editing videos. Video editors are fast growing into one of the sought-after occupations since 93% of companies saw an increase in sales after posting an advertisement with a video via social networks.

This is why marketers are shifting their branding and focusing on posting brief, informative videos to drive sales. This is especially relevant for businesses who are active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you’re an editor of video you’ll receive video clips and raw footage that your customers expect to be edited in a compelling and attractive manner.

The job carries lots of pressure since your final product has to entice customers to buy. Be sure that your editing style is consistent with each project, to ensure that your clients are satisfied (and increase your chances of being hired back).

Excel Management

Since its introduction at the time of its release in 1985 Microsoft Excel is now essential to almost every industry that is possible. It is utilized by more than 750 million people across the globe, yet only a tiny percentage of users have been accredited Excel experts.

Excel experts are highly sought-after in the present and, given the ever-growing popularity of the Microsoft spreadsheet software, this expertise is bound to become more sought-after.

If you’re struggling to find clients to sustain your business as a freelancer at first You’ll be able to make money through one-on-one Excel Online classes. It’s a preferred option for those with no experience in the corporate world Excel knowledge but is still looking to offer their expertise as self-employed expert.

Photography Skills

Freelance Photography Skills

People are more likely to recall visual images than texts. This is evident, especially on social media platforms, where posts that feature images instead of video or links receive 352 percent more engagement.

This is why 70% of businesses plan to boost the use of photographs in their promotional campaigns and, with it they will also hire more freelance photographers to work on their projects.

In addition to professional photography for commercial purposes, freelance photographers could extend their services to wedding photography as well as studio photoshoots and fashion shoots, and much more.

It’s crucial to figure out what area you’re most comfortable in before promoting your services to prospective clients. This will draw the most suitable customers and encourage them to return if they are a fan of your style.

In addition to selling their services, photographers who are self-employed may sell their work through e-commerce websites such as Etsy and stock images. This can help them earn cash and gain recognition on the internet -and could lead to getting more customers.

Career Coaching

The average person spends 90,000 hours over their lifetime, but according to a global study done by Gallup in 2017, just 15% of all full-time employees are content with their work. This means that 75 percent of employees feel they are spending their time in jobs that don’t satisfy them, however, they do not know how to improve their situation.

With more and more people expressing their growing discontent with the balance of their lives or a career option The field of career counseling is seeing an incredible rise in popularity.

If you’re a coach for careers you’ll assist people in improving their overall quality of life by allowing them to pursue their interests, not only pay the expenses. This field is highly competitive, however, it will ever be out of demand due to the rise in work-related stress and lower living standards.

Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription freelance skills

According to Buffer’s online statistics, 85 percent of videos that are posted on Facebook are watched with no audio on. That means that businesses who make use of video marketing with no captions for social networks miss out on the vast amount of attention online. To expand the potential reach businesses and marketers around the world are now including the cost of transcribers within their plans.

If you are able to speak multiple languages it is possible to advertise yourself as a translator and transcriber all-in-one. This will open the door to many new possibilities and boost your chances of landing more work. It also pays more than simply making subtitles in English because it’s a more specific talent.

Voice-Over Acting

“Voice” has been a major part of all media outlets and everyday life for the bulk of the past decade, and it’s not slowing down its growth anytime soon. With podcasts, online courses, and online video advertisements increasing, research indicates the growth of 90% in the demand for voice-over.

Voice actors are required to provide narration for audiobooks, videos, introductions to movies, trailers for films, game videos, and others.

Even if you believe your voice isn’t strong enough to record voiceovers, distinctive accents and tones are more sought-after than standard voices. A distinct sound will help you stand out during auditions and much more likely to get recognized by the public.

Tutoring Skills

Tutoring freelance Skills

Teachers in schools generally have little pay, lots of work overtime, and most of the time low job satisfaction. With a ratio of 1:16 for the teacher to student in normal schools, it’s not surprising that more than a quarter of students are looking for individual online tutoring.

This allows students to study at the convenience of their own homes, without having to leave their houses. With the advantages of personal individual tutoring, it is easy to observe the improvements your students are making which will bring you a great amount of satisfaction.

Additionally, online tutoring can make you more than teaching in a traditional school because the hours you work overtime is billed per hour.

Furthermore, when you are a tutor on a contract basis you won’t need to search for clients by yourself. Many teachers who are self-employed use third-party organizations that already have databases full of students.

All you need to do is sign up with them and then await the appropriate students to get in touch with you. If you choose to utilize online tutoring firms, be aware that they’ll charge a certain portion of your earnings for the purpose of running their business.

Do not fret if you’re not an experienced teacher -you are able to choose the subject area you’re proficient in. All over the world, people search for tutors who can teach classes in a variety of subjects, such as photography, cooking, writing, etc.


Survey-Taking freelance skills

Surveys online help companies shape their strategies for dealing with their customers and market on the results gathered. Research shows that only 2percent of customers would be willing to participate in surveys, which forces companies to come up with alternatives. This gap has allowed third parties to get involved and offer customers cash in exchange for their personal views.

Due to its low earnings, the freelance survey-takers rely on it more as a part-time job instead of a full-time position. It’s an excellent option to consider an easy method to boost your budget, but you struggle to find the time. Surveys online are appealing to stay-at-home mothers and retired people.

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