Classic Cars with modern technology

Do you know how to teach an old cars new tricks? It’s possible with a restomod. A short form for restored however modified, restomods are classic vehicles with modern technology and are a sought-after item.

If you’re thinking of buying vintage cars or owning one, You might want to think about adding some features that will improve the car’s performance, safety, and comfort. However, be aware that you may be reducing its value as collectors of certain cars value originality more than modernity. They are more inclined to restore the vehicle to its factory specifications by using the original parts like a new car that quit the manufacturing plant. For them, the fundamentals of the car is constantly altered when new technology is introduced. However, this usually is a car that doesn’t begin, steers, or stop and something more contemporary.

If the originality isn’t so much your concern and you’d prefer to update the look of your car by adding new technology to an old-fashioned automobile is something worth considering. However, how much you include and how you install it can make a significant difference between classic cars and modern technology.


There are, for instance, several producers of antique car audio featuring controls that appear like the original ones, except they’re complete with Bluetooth and the ability to connect with smartphones as well as MP3 players. Porsche has just launched the latest line of head units with touchscreens that can be fitted into the dashboard of the 911 dating from the 1960s until the beginning of 2000s. They’re stylish and provide Apple CarPlay functionality. You can add modern speakers underneath the original covers of your car’s speakers, and who’s going to know what the difference is? Perhaps just a Concours judge.

If you use your vehicle often, you might be interested in a portable smartphone mount so you can use it to navigate or even as backup cameras. Backup cameras are essential and set to become obligatory in new cars in the US, So why not include them in your classic car? There is a myriad of wireless cameras that can be mounted on a car’s license plate frame, and you can use your phone as a display using Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. Many of them also have night vision infrared, which allows you to backup your vehicle safely in the dark.

In general, they need to be manually activated, meaning they won’t start when you shift to reverse, but that’s an affordable cost to pay given that so many antique cars have low rear-view visibility because they are attached to the frame of a license plate and is easy to take off when you’re taking your car to exhibit to be assessed. This is just one illustration of the technology available and straightforward to conceal on classic vehicles equipped with modern technology. Other modifications are more noticeable but are worthwhile.

Cars Tires

If you’ve ever had to drive with cold bias-ply tires, know how slippery they can be. The design of a bias-ply tire can lead to a higher resistance to rolling, leading to more significant wear on the tread and greater consumption of fuel. Its design allows the tire to flex to provide smooth riding quickly. However, it could result in the tire losing its grip when turning. If you’re in the market for an authentic tire that was utilized in the pre-1970s automobile and you want to get it, this is the one you’re looking for.

If you plan to drive your car frequently, radial tires are the best choice and are fantastic classic cars that incorporate modern technology. The tread of their tires does a better job of gripping the road when turning and under loads. The lower resistance to rolling improves your vehicle’s efficiency and allows an extended tread life. They also don’t follow road imperfections as a bias-ply tire does, and therefore, the car doesn’t run off (or tramline) in the same way.

Cars Brakes

However, you should not forget that there are additional ways to increase safety and handling. Most automobiles built during the beginning of the 70s of automotive history utilized drum brakes that overheated and led to brake fade (a decrease in brake power). Disk brakes were a significant advancement; today, most cars have four-wheel disc brakes. While you can install disc brakes on older vehicles, you may want to change the single master cylinder into a dual master cylinder.

A master cylinder with a single reservoir provides pressure to both rear and front brakes. If a part of the system leaks, the brakes will cease to function. If you have a dual master cylinder, one part of the system is responsible for the front brakes, and the other is for the rear. This means you have a more chance of stopping your vehicle in case of an issue. Even if you have those original brakes on the car, it’s an excellent idea. Consider replacing the brake lines made of rubber with stainless steel that has been braided. This can significantly improve pedal performance and illustrate the importance of safety as an aspect when it comes to classic cars and modern technology.


It’s crucial to note that the various components of the braking system are made to function together from the pedals that drive your brakes through the master cylinder to the valve that regulates the proportioning of the brake and the size of the brake. If you’re looking to change your brakes, ensure you purchase the upgrade kits from a reliable company that is aware of everything required to be altered or bring it to a place that offers this service. Also, remember that a set of tires can be helpful in this regard too.

Cars Steering

Of course, one of the hidden secrets of the old automobile hobby is how difficult the cars are to drive, particularly if they do not have power steering. Parallel parking in a classic town car is difficult to increase strength in the upper body. One option that can help is changing to radial tires instead of bias plies, but there’s another option. Recently automakers have made the switch towards electric steering instead of hydraulic power. This has led the aftermarket to manufacture electric power steering systems that bolt-on which can be concealed away from view, meaning no judge at a car show is going to be wiser.


Safety and Lighting

It is also worth swapping out your old sealed beam headlights in favor of modern halogen lights or high-intensity discharge lights. There are replacements for specific models that appear older (and are compatible with the housings used initially); however, they aren’t.

If your vehicle didn’t have them, think about installing safety belts. While they might not have been in use when the car was constructed, most car shows do not even consider it. Then, you can remove the entire car, move it off the platform it was on and put it on a new one. Pricey? Sure. However, it offers the traditional look and offers all the modern conveniences.



Just ask Jay Leno. He collaborated with Ford and Ford, making a 1967 Ford Bronco as a model and stuffed it with a supercharged modern 5.2-liter V-8 engine from Ford’s Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 along with the TREMEC Five-Speed manual transmission. A heavy-duty four-wheel-drive system featuring a performance engine that has been upgraded and suspension and exhaust parts make up the complete transformation, turning the truck into a 760 horsepower engine bucking Bronco.

To not be left out, Chevrolet transformed a 1962 C-10 pickup into an electronic hot rod dubbed”the E-10 Concept. The Chevrolet Bolt EV components, the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the E-10 produces 450 horsepower through two stacks made up of Chevrolet Performance concept electric crate motors in the hood, two 400-volt battery packs in the bed of the pickup, and automated transmission. Chevrolet states that the E-10 provides 0-60 mph at about 5 seconds and a quarter-mile speed within the 13-second range. Modern upgrades also come with an illuminated Bowtie symbol in the grille and LED headlamps, taillamps, and a lower posture, with 22-inch rear wheels and 20-inch front wheels.

Restomods are an excellent option to get the best of both worlds. They are classic cars that have modern technology. Although the changes alter the way the car feels, they also make it much more enjoyable and secure to drive in modern times.

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