Here’s how to use ChatGPT with Siri on your iPhone

Are you already an Apple user and interested in ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot that will talk to you in a manner that is just like talking with a human. However, how do you access it from your iPhone?

Even though there’s no official ChatGPT mobile application, you can still access ChatGPT on your iPhone by using Siri. If you’re curious and want to know how to use ChatGPT for your iPhone using Siri, continue reading!
How do you access ChatGPT to work on your iPhone?
Finding ChatGPT to work on Your iPhone is more complex than downloading it directly through the App Store; however, it’s easier. Installing a shortcut from the Shortcuts application and then inserting an API key inside it is necessary.

Don’t be worried if this seems daunting; we’re here to walk you step-by-step.

Getting the OpenAI key for ChatGPT:

The first thing to do is obtain the OpenAI API key. Follow these easy steps:

Visit and sign up to create an account. In case you have an account, you can log in.
Select the symbol with three horizontal lines at the upper-right edge at the top-right corner of this page. You’ll be presented with a variety of choices.
Scroll down until you find the profile icon, and then click it.
In the menu dropdown, select View API keys.
Click on the button that says “+ Create new secret key,” and then you’ll be able to get your very own API keys!
Click”copy” in green to save the API number to your clipboard. Make sure to click OK to confirm the process.
Once you have your API key, It’s time to start using it within the Shortcuts application. Ensure you don’t duplicate anything else onto your clipboard while doing this. In case you’re also interested in doing more exciting things using your OpenAI API key!

Configuring ChatGPT Shortcut on your iPhone: ChatGPT Shortcut for your iPhone:
There are many different shortcuts that you can choose from to open ChatGPT from your iPhone. We’ll walk through them step-by-step to help you choose the best one that suits your needs. If you’re unfamiliar with the Shortcuts app but need help with what to do, we suggest you read the beginner’s guide first.

To configure ChatGPT as a shortcut, follow these steps: ChatGPT shortcut sourced from GitHub. Follow these steps:
Visit Yue-Yang’s GitHub and select the English version of the most recent ChatGPT Siri update.
The shortcut will appear in the Shortcuts application; then click “Set Up Shortcut.”
Copy the API code into the text box and press “Next” twice.
After that then, click “Add Shortcut,” and it will be added to Your Shortcuts page.
You can also download shortcuts such as SiriGPT as well as SiriPro instead. Here’s how you can set them up:

Click the link to SiriPro or SiriGPT, and it will open up within SiriGPT. It will then open in the Shortcuts app.
Click “Add Shortcut,” and it will be added to the Shortcuts page.
Long-press the shortcut you installed earlier and choose “Edit” from the context menu.
In the next section, there will be a prompt to enter an API Key. Copy and paste the API key and then delete any prompt message.
Then you can press “Done” in the top right corner.
Congratulations! You now have your own personalized ChatGPT shortcut installed on your phone. The next step is how you can use it using Siri.

Use the ChatGPT shortcut in conjunction with Siri on your iPhone:
The first step is to ensure that the ChatGPT shortcut is equipped with the proper permissions to function correctly in conjunction with Siri. Press your shortcut, and you’ll get a prompt to let the shortcut join OpenAI. Make sure you press “Allow” to grant the required permissions. If you see any other prompts, such as asking you to access Speech Recognition or Enable Diction, hit “Allow.”

After you’ve granted permissions, you’ll be able to use Siri to start your shortcuts. It’s as easy as telling Siri the command you would normally use. Speak “Hey Siri, launch SiriGPT” or “Hey Siri, launch ChatGPT 1.2.4,” depending on the shortcut you downloaded. The chatbot will be available within a matter of minutes.

If Siri does not respond, you should try troubleshooting to solve the problem. You can also alter the shortcut’s name by long-pressing it and selecting “Rename” to give it the name you want.

ChatGPT is much more accessible than we expected:

Installing ChatGPT using your iPhone is easy and an excellent method to stay on top of AI’s amazing advancements. To accomplish this, you need to download an API code from OpenAI’s website and copy it into the shortcut you want to use. After you’ve completed that, it’s easy to do, with Siri being among the most efficient ways.


How Do I Use ChatGPT With Siri On My iPhone?
Unfortunately, there is not currently a direct integration between ChatGPT and Siri. However, you can download the ChatGPT app onto your iPhone to ask questions through its interface.

Can You Use ChatGPT on iPhone?
Absolutely. You can access the AI chatbot through its website interface, though unfortunately, there is not yet a dedicated App available on the App Store.

Does Apple Use ChatGPT for Siri?

Apple uses its natural language processing (NLP) technology for Siri, which differs from ChatGPT. Nonetheless, Apple has acquired several AI companies and continues to enhance Siri’s capabilities.

How Can I Add ChatGPT To My iPhone?

Unfortunately, ChatGPT cannot be installed as a regular iPhone app due to its AI language model. However, you can access ChatGPT through various websites and applications that use its API.

How Do I Connect a ChatBot to Siri?

To integrate your chatbot with Siri, you must first create a Siri shortcut using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. After creating this shortcut, Siri can interact with the chatbot directly.

Why Is the ChatGPT Shortcut Not Working with Siri?
There could be several reasons why your ChatGPT shortcut isn’t functioning properly with Siri. Common causes include internet connectivity issues, incorrect setup of the shortcut, or compatibility issues with either your device or software.

How Do I Install Siri Shortcuts on My iPhone?

Installing Siri shortcuts on your iPhone is easy if you take these steps:

Launch the “Shortcuts” app on your iPhone and tap “Gallery.” Browse through available shortcuts or search for one using the search bar at the bottom.
Once you find a shortcut you want to use, tap it.
Tap the “Get Shortcut” button to download and add the shortcut to your library.
To customize the shortcut, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Edit Shortcut.”
Once your customized shortcut is ready, tap “Done” to save it for future reference.
Create your shortcuts using the Shortcuts app by tapping the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the “My Shortcuts” tab. From there, select from available actions and customize the shortcut for any task.

How Do I Set Up Siri Typing on My iPhone?

To enable Siri typing on your iPhone, follow these steps:

To start dictating text from your iPhone, open Settings, tap General, then Keyboards. On this screen, toggle “Enable Dictation,” then press and hold Siri on your keyboard to begin speaking text aloud.
Press and release the Siri button to input text, which will then be converted to written form. Alternatively, you can turn on “Type to Siri” in the Accessibility settings to type out commands instead of speaking them directly to Siri.

How can I add shortcuts to Siri on my iPhone?

You can create shortcuts for Siri by following these steps:

To start a shortcut on your iPhone, open the “Shortcuts” app.
Tap “+” in the upper right corner to create a new shortcut.
Choose “Add Action” and choose what action you want this shortcut to perform.
Customize by adding necessary information, such as contact names or message texts, then tap “Next.” Finally, tap “Add to Siri.”
Create a shortcut in Siri by recording a custom phrase and tapping “Done.” That shortcut is now added to Siri, and you can activate it by saying the phrase you created earlier.

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