Making Money in Star Citizen Earning Tips

How to Make Money in Star Citizen

Discover tips and strategies for making money in Star Citizen, including completing missions and trading goods for AUEC. Learn how to strategically plan your journey and purchase ships from MMOpixel to maximize your earnings and explore the vast universe of Star Citizen.

How to Make Money in Star Citizen

Star Citizen operates with the use of AUEC, which is the official in-game currency utilized to purchase ships, equipment, and other valuable items from vendors situated across the virtual world. Accumulating AUEC is no walk in the park, particularly for new players, but this comprehensive guide will divulge the most efficient methods to rake in significant profits within Star Citizen.

Despite the suggested techniques, an immense amount of grinding is still necessary. However, if you seek to bypass this tedious process altogether, one alternative option would be to purchase Star Citizen UEC. Remember to venture out and experiment with different methodologies to keep yourself occupied, as solely relying on the aforementioned methods can eventually lead to tedium.

Story Missions

When it comes to generating wealth in Star Citizen, story missions are the most effective method that usually guarantees positive results. These missions constitute the essence of the game and can be accessed from mobiGlas, an in-game computer.

You can navigate to the dedicated section for story missions on mobiGlas to select and undertake missions that are best suited to your needs. Typically, missions that offer substantial rewards are the most challenging to complete, and completing them will earn you AUEC.

Star Citizen Story Missions

There are several types of missions to choose from, such as bounty hunting missions, destruction missions, and special investigation missions for those with a detective’s instinct. As you advance in the game, the number of available missions will increase, with easier missions being the most suitable starting point for beginners.

Delivery missions are the safest option, as they do not require you to risk anything. Special investigation missions offer great rewards but also come with the risk of enemy attacks. Bounty missions are the most challenging and often require a sturdy attack ship and equipment to complete successfully.

For those who prefer multiplayer mode, shared missions that can be played with friends are also available. However, a small fee must be paid before undertaking any online missions.

Resource Mining

Mining in Star Citizen doesn’t require completing any missions, giving you the freedom to be your own boss. The universe is vast and filled with various resources that can be extracted with special ships. After extracting these resources, they must be refined before selling them in the market.

Star Citizen Resource Mining

Mining ships can extract resources at a great speed, but they are expensive. The accuracy of these ships is also essential since some high-value resources are fragile and require careful handling. Beginners can mine using their hands, but for more efficient mining, specialized ships are required.

Star Citizen offers a ship rental system allowing players to own a ship for a limited time. By paying a few thousand AUEC, you can quickly mine a good amount of resources. Mining can be done on the surface of the planet or underground for better resources. Mining ships allow players to control the process from the cockpit.

Sub-surface mining involves going down into caves and other structures below the ground. If you’re new to mining, the Prospector is an excellent option. Other mining ships available in Star Citizen include the ARGO Mole and RSI Orion, which have a good storage capacity.

Some mining ships require multiple crew members, and consistency is key to making good money. Investing in a good mining ship for long-term mining is essential.

Item Trading

Star Citizen Item Trading

One way to earn money in Star Citizen is through trading. To use this method, you will need AUEC. Simply travel through the universe and purchase items from marketplaces with low prices, then sell those items to marketplaces where the prices are higher.

The amount of profit you make will depend on the prices of the items. Larger items will yield higher profits but require a larger initial investment. For smaller, less expensive items, profits will be lower.

However, there are risks involved in trading, such as the possibility of your ship crashing and losing all the items you were transporting. Another option is smuggling, which can yield higher profits, but is illegal and carries the risk of being caught by law enforcement agencies.

Become a Fighter

The acquisition of substantial profits necessitates the implementation of a technique that involves engaging in violent confrontations. This approach is suitable for novices and seasoned players alike.

Once a decision has been made, it is recommended to allocate funds towards a clandestine drug laboratory. It is permissible to undertake multiple missions concurrently without any restrictions. While combat has its advantages and disadvantages, honing one’s abilities and achieving proficiency necessitates a significant amount of time and effort.

Invest in cargo ships

In Star Citizen, engaging in the transportation of goods can be a lucrative and fully-fledged business. The capacity of your vessel to carry cargo is a crucial factor in determining the amount of AUEC you can earn.

With a ship that boasts a sizable cargo hold, you can swiftly accumulate a substantial amount of currency. In the event that you lack the funds to purchase a new vessel, it is advisable to lease a cargo ship. Such specialized ships are designed to augment your revenue from cargo-hauling missions.

Complete various missions at a time

Star Citizen Complete various missions

Within Star Citizen, players have the ability to undertake and accomplish multiple missions concurrently. The completion of a larger quantity of missions results in augmented earnings, which in turn affords players the luxury of deciding their desired career trajectory within the game.

It is plausible to procure a vessel of superior quality with the earned revenue, allowing for exploration of the vast expanse of the universe. MMOpixel offers Star Citizen ships and AUEC at an attractive price point. It is recommended that players devise a course for their journey that allows for the execution of a diverse array of missions while simultaneously minimizing fuel consumption. This approach necessitates strategic planning and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Star Citizen.


Star Citizen is a complex and exciting game that offers players the opportunity to explore a vast universe and embark on a variety of missions. By completing missions and earning revenue, players can purchase better ships and equipment, allowing them to take on more challenging tasks and discover new worlds.

Strategic planning and a comprehensive understanding of the game’s mechanics are essential to achieving success in Star Citizen. Purchasing ships and AUEC from MMOpixel can help players get a head start and achieve their goals more quickly.


What is Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore a vast, open universe and take on a variety of missions and challenges.

What kind of missions can I undertake in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen offers a diverse array of missions, including cargo transport, mining, bounty hunting, exploration, and more.

How do I earn money in Star Citizen?

Players can earn money by completing missions, trading goods, mining resources, and more.

Can I purchase ships and equipment in Star Citizen?

Yes, players can purchase ships and equipment with the in-game currency known as AUEC.

Where can I purchase ships and AUEC?

MMOpixel offers Star Citizen ships and AUEC at an attractive price point.

What is the importance of strategic planning in Star Citizen?

Strategic planning is essential to achieving success in Star Citizen. By devising a course for your journey that allows for the execution of a diverse array of missions while simultaneously minimizing fuel consumption, you can earn more revenue and explore more of the game’s universe. Here Best Gaming Apps for Earning money by playing games

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