How can I Reset the Logitech Wireless Mouse

Logitech is a well-known company in the world of computer accessories that makes a variety of high-end computer mice. Although the mice are secure, they may not function promptly for various reasons, including buttons that need to be fixed or actions that aren’t logical, or inability to connect directly to the laptop computer. In these cases resetting the mouse can be the solution. Setting the Logitech mouse is a straightforward procedure that involves hitting the mouse’s button and the receiver based on the model of the mouse. The steps differ depending on the model that comes with the Logitech mouse. So, reading the user’s manual for comprehensive instructions for setting your mouse is recommended.

The first step in resetting the Logitech mouse is to locate its reset button. According to the model type, the reset button may be inside the device or the receiver. The receiver is a small USB dongle connecting the computer and the wireless mouse. In specific models, the reset button may be found on the left side of the mouse. It will require users to turn their mouse to access it.

Once you’ve found that reset button, the next step is to press it, then hold it for a few minutes. This causes the mouse’s or receiver’s light to blink, signaling the device has been reset. It is crucial to hold the appropriate button during the specified time to ensure that the reset process is complete. Several buttons need to be packed for specific models to start the device.

After the reset process is completed, the mouse will work afterward. If the issue continues, try other approaches to fix the problem, such as replacing the battery, pairing your mouse to the receiver, or updating the driver of your device. If you need more than the above options to solve the problem, call Logitech assistance or seek assistance from a professional.

How To Connect Logitech Mouse?

  • Logitech Mouse Setup:
  • Remove the mouse’s USB port.
  • The USB cable onto your computer, and then attach it to the USB port to your mouse.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds or until you get an alert on your screen asking if like to turn off your computer or restart it after a downtime.
  • If you do not click No when you see this message at the top of your screen, you can press and hold on to the Logitech logo until you hear a click that indicates the device is connected to your computer.
  • Once you’ve connected to the Internet, release all the buttons, except the power button, to ensure you don’t accidentally press them every time you press!
Logitech mouse reset

Methods Of Connecting Logitech Mouse:

1- Using the Reset Button Located at the Base:

Logitech Mouse settings are accessible via reset buttons on the lower right side on the left side of the mouse. It’s a method to reset any device’s ground whenever required. After removing the battery, press and hold your power button for about 15 seconds until you shut off the machine. You’ll be able to locate the switch.

After completing the process, place your finger on the red circle on the right side of the mouse. Keep it there until you see the green light blinking. Once this happens, remove all fingers off the keyboard, then hold both buttons in your hand while turning it back on. It should be possible to start using the mouse again after this point.

2- Reset By Changing the USB Port:

Launch using your Logitech software, choose “Restore Default Settings,” and save your settings.

Connect your USB device from your computer and reconnect it within 10 seconds if you connect to no battery-powered USB hub.

If that doesn’t work, try removing any other USB devices from the PC, including wireless mice and keyboards.

3- Reset Logitech Mouse By Uninstalling Software:

Uninstall the program from your computer.

Make sure you download the most current version and then install it.

Try restarting your computer. Try reaccessing it. If you can solve your issue by using the steps above, try resetting the Logitech Pro Wireless Gaming mouse by uninstalling it or replacing it with the latest drivers.

Logitech mouse

4- Examine The Mouse On A Different Computer

Connect a computer to another one using the mouse. Follow the steps for attaching your mouse in case you require assistance beginning. This will let you find out if the driver is not compatible with the software on your computer.

It could also aid you in determining if the problem is with or is related to the USB connection. The Logitech Wireless Gaming device may not function if the USB dongle doesn’t connect to your computer.

Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse

If you have your own Logitech Wireless mouse, you can change the settings for your mouse using these steps:

The mouse should be connected to the PC, and then take out the battery.

Press the buttons on the lower part of your mouse till they start flashing rapidly. If you don’t see this happening, try pressing the buttons in an alternate sequence or holding them for more than two seconds to ensure they work correctly.

Replace the battery using your mouse, then connect to the computer via the correct USB cable.

Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working:

The Logitech mouse you’re using is a vital part of your computer. It is used to surf the web as well as to watch movies as well as play games. If your Logitech mouse isn’t working, this can cause many issues for you.

If you’ve tried everything to get your Logitech wireless mouse functionality, you’re stuck in a deadlock. This article will help you restart your computer.


Step 1: Locate the button that shuts off or on in the lower part on the left side of the mouse. Hold it down for about five seconds till it turns red. And then release it automatically.

Step 2: Press each mouse button simultaneously for around 2 minutes until you notice glowing green lights. If that doesn’t work, try holding them longer or turning them off and restarting your computer.

Physical Troubleshooting

If your Logitech mouse isn’t working correctly, it is recommended to check the battery. If they’re in operating condition and have the power light on, you can play with the device until. If the battery compartment of your mouse has been damaged or damaged, it will need to be replaced with batteries. When the Logitech mouse isn’t performing as it should following the replacement of batteries, this could be due to software issues.

Launch with the Device Manager (right-click it on My Computer, then select Properties) and search “System Devices” for any new devices within the section. If you discover something new, click it to uninstall it from the list of Programs and Features in the Control Panel. This should solve any software issues that cause problems with the Logitech mouse. Try clearing your Settings in the System Preferences and upgrading your driver if this isn’t working.


Here’s how to fix it. This is the most basic method you can reset your Logitech Bluetooth mouse. You can now use your mouse usually. Follow the steps below to find out the reason why you’re wireless mouse doesn’t work correctly. This could help you resolve the issue. It’s a straightforward procedure that will take about 10 minutes to complete according to how quickly you follow the directions.


What can I do to reset my mouse if it’s not working?

If you want to reset a mouse that isn’t working, the first step is to check for batteries and then replace them if necessary. You can reset the computer by turning it off or pressing the reset button. If that doesn’t work, connect it to the laptop or receiver again.

What Is Logitech Mouse Software?

The Logitech Mouse Software (LMS) is an intuitive, user-friendly solution that lets users modify their mouse’s hardware settings and sensitivity. LMS provides advanced features like the macro recording as well as managing databases.

Can I Reset The Mouse Just By Holding Down The Button?

Yes, you’ll have to shut off your power supply. Then, please press the button on your mouse’s back for around 10 seconds to reset it.

How Do I Reprogram My Logitech Mouse?

Connect the Logitech mouse wirelessly by two methods. One way is to press on the left side until a light starts flashing blue and then release the button. Another approach is to press and hold the left button while moving your cursor until the light changes to green.

What’s the cause of what is the reason for the Logitech Mouse not functioning?

Your Logitech mouse might not work due to an inactive battery or connectivity issue, outdated drivers, or a malfunctioning mouse. Replace the batteries or attach the mouse to your computer, update the driver, and test a new model of the mouse to solve the issue.

What can I do to set up my Logitech?

To reset the device you purchased from Logitech, locate the reset button on your receiver or device, then press and hold for around a minute or so until the LED light comes on.

Why Does My Logitech Mouse Occasionally Blink Red?

A battery charger or pack for the batteries can be used with the Logitech wireless mouse when the Logitech wireless mouse’s flashing lights red indicate that its battery is low. It must therefore be recharged or replaced.

How do you get the laptop mouse back to its original settings?

For the mouse to reset itself the mouse, unplug it from your computer, then reconnect it. Alternatively, restart your computer or press your mouse’s reset function on the mouse (if there’s one).

How can I fix an issue with a wireless mouse that’s not responding?

To fix the issue of a wireless mouse that is not working, examine the battery and replace them if they are damaged. Try resetting your device, turning it off and on, or pressing the reset button. If the issue persists, pair the mouse with the receiver or computer.

What can I do to reset my Logitech G502 Mouse?

For a reset on the Logitech G502 Mouse, you must turn it off, hold the DPI button, then click it right-clicking simultaneously for 5 minutes. Your mouse’s light will turn off and reset.

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