How Much to Charge for Email Marketing Freelance Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re considering leaping to freelance as an email marketing professional and want to know what you can charge for email marketing jobs as a freelancer, you’ve come to the right spot.

Marketing through email is one of the most enduring digital marketing techniques. And it is used in the present day since it produces positive results. Additionally, it’s cost-effective for the user as there aren’t a lot of resources required. You only need an email marketing professional with a knack for developing innovative concepts. Of course, they should also create compelling campaigns.

If you search websites for jobs online, you’ll see an enormous need for marketers who can email. Therefore, it is a great chance to make. In addition, it is an excellent alternative for those who want to continue their day-to-day job.

Email Marketing Basics

Email marketing is marketing in which you employ emails as a tool for promotion to get in touch with potential customers. It’s used to communicate to a specific market to achieve the following goals:

  • To introduce a product or service
  • To advertise promotions, deals, and other offerings
  • To build brand loyalty through information campaigns

Email marketers might be asked to offer services for many types of emails. The client might ask for the benefits of just one campaign or several. You should be aware of all the different types of emails you can use to market your business.

  • Email Newsletter: It is sent to announce new items or products, updates on the business, or any other information pertinent to the company.
  • Lead Nurturing Emails: They are sent to increase and close the sale by giving more details and highlights about the product.
  • Special Emails: They are sent to specific categories and have an intended purpose. It could, for example, be an email sent to the first 50 people who registered or have made purchases that require a minimum purchase.
  • Confirmation/Post-Purchase/Welcome Emails: Send to welcome and thank buyers and clients. It may also contain additional information about the product, its instructions, or even a warranty.
  • Promotional emails: Send to promote promotions or price drops, discount offers, or announce an exciting new line of merchandise.
  • Emails for product updates: This is given to customers to inform them of any updates or modifications to the products they buy.
  • Events/Seasonal Emails: Send to invite current and prospective customers for an event or event.
  • Survey emails: Send to get product feedback (customer happiness) or market insights.

Knowing the fundamentals of email marketing can help you determine the amount to make for your email marketing freelance job opportunities.

How Much to Charge for Email Marketing Freelance?

As an independent email marketing specialist, you might be wondering what price you should charge for your services. Ultimately, email marketing is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires a thorough understanding of both technical and creative aspects. To help you decide on your costs, we’ll examine three main aspects:

  • The scope of work
  • The level of experience and
  • The size of the client’s list

The scope of your work is the most crucial aspect in determining your rates. Are you just making emails, sending them out, and not being accountable for developing strategies and managing your campaign? The more responsibility you hold, the higher your fee will likely be.

Then, think about your level of expertise. If you’re only beginning your journey in the email marketing field, your prices will likely be lower than those with more experience. However, even entry-level experts can earn between $50 and $100 per hour if they’ve got solid skills and a strong portfolio.

Then, consider how big your customer list is. Suppose you have a massive base of customers (over 10,000 subscribers). In that case, your costs will likely be higher to cover the additional time it takes to manage the campaign effectively. If they have only a few subscribers (under one thousand), the cost may be lower due to less work to be done.


Depending on the type of work they do and the size of their clientele, independent marketers typically charge between $500 and $2000 a month. If you’re just starting, try to work towards the lowest end of this price until you gain some experience. Then gradually increase your costs as you go along.

How much does email marketing cost per month?

Marketing via email is among the most efficient ways to reach out to customers and promote your company. But it could also be among the most expensive strategies if you must be more cautious. The cost of marketing via email per month can be wildly different according to your requirements and objectives.

Email marketing costs for small businesses can start as low as $20 per month. This includes using an email provider like MailChimp or Constant Contact, which offers low-cost small business plans. If you require more features or send emails, prices could quickly rise to $50–100 monthly.

Larger companies with bigger budgets may already have an email address and infrastructure. This means their monthly costs could be as high as $500,000. They typically have staff members devoted to managing email campaigns, meaning the costs they incur will reflect the expenditure. The best method of keeping your marketing expenses for email campaigns low is to consider your needs carefully, then select the best service provider at the most affordable cost.

It’s okay to splash out on features you’ll never need. Ensure you’re purchasing what you need to reach your intended audience efficiently.

Email Marketing Packages

Email marketing is an effective way to reach prospective and existing customers. It is a great way to promote events and sales or stay on top. Numerous email marketing programs are available and choosing one suitable for your requirements is essential.


A very well-known companies for email marketing are Constant Contact. They have a wide range of plans that include the option of a trial period for free, so you can test their services before you purchase. Another alternative is MailChimp which offers an opportunity to try their services for free.

For more information on what price to charge for freelance email marketing services, below are a few examples of what you need to consider:

1. Developing Email Marketing Strategy

A few clients only have an email marketing strategy they use occasionally. Your role will not only be to send emails, but also to develop the overall strategy. This will involve looking at market trends, creating a brand identity, figuring out your ideal customer, and making an email list. You will also design and make suggestions for the rollout schedule, key performance indicators (which measure how well the project is doing), and reporting tools. Also, you’ll design the entire campaign, beginning with the planning stage and ending at the end of the project.

2. Configuration Email Service Provider

If you’re tech-savvy and understand technology well, you could take on a job that involves aiding clients in setting the email provider (ESP). This consists of the configuration of SMTP tools and any pertinent and necessary integrations. This will require your availability for a longer period of time, but only long enough to check if there might be any technical issues or issues to fix. Please ensure you give your customers excellent service so they will return to you again.

3. Designing Templates, Copy, and Promotional Materials

In a marketing strategy based on email, your customers will probably ask you to make templates for their emails. Also, you’ll write compelling copy to increase sales and make people loyal to your brand. Remember that graphics are also important in your emails, particularly in the case of a target audience that is young. Be aware that images create more emotion and responses than text. You’ll have to develop jaw-dropping ad posters, posters, and other promotional materials.

Be aware that when running this campaign, it is essential to adhere to the image of your company (or the client). Each piece of copy, template, and any other material must be labeled based on the brand.

4. Set Up Automation

One of the services you could provide is setting up autoresponders or automated email. These emails are designed to be templated and distributed to a targeted group. It is possible to send thank-you emails to customers who have purchased items, follow-up email messages, or birthday greetings.

5. Content Creation

A few clients might request your help in creating email content. For instance, you could help the client develop a subject or theme for the following newsletter. Also, you could be asked to brainstorm ideas for the kind of promotion they could give the next time. You may also suggest different types of emails that your client might send out.

6. Email List Filtering

Another service you could offer the client is the creation of a new email list. You must review the current list of contacts and classify them into categories. You are making a wise list to send your client as part of your email marketing task.

How Much Do Email Marketers Charge Per Hour?

Recently, email marketing has become a standard way to advertise your company. Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to get people to know about your business. Email marketing can be expensive, but there are different ways to charge for a set amount of time. Some companies charge based on the number of messages they send, and others charge based on the number of times a person has viewed an email. There are many right or wrong ways to determine the amount an email marketing company costs per hour, but it is essential to know the amount of money you’ll require to get the desired results.

The typical email marketing fee is $50-$150 per hour. The price is determined by a number of variables, including the size and scope of your project, the marketer’s level of experience and competence, and even the subject matter.


As email marketers, we understand that effective use of emails can result in results. You need to know how much you spend each hour to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do to reduce the cost of your emails:

1. Be sure to use effective filters and quarantine regulations when you set up the campaign ethics accounts. This will reduce spam and other unwanted emails and keep your inbox clean.

2. Give people who sign up for your newsletter a reward through a redeemable code or coupon. This will motivate customers to continue subscribing and, in turn, increase the number of leads generated!

3. Plan: When you are making your budget for email distribution, be sure to include the estimated cost of printing, postage, or hosting emails. This will help you determine which items you can take out of your budget for distribution to save money.

4. Automate your workflow. Automating is a great way to reduce your time on email, both during the day and in the evening. Utilizing automation tools such as Outlook’s Send Later feature or Gmail’s Compose add-in, users can send emails when they want to save time and energy.

5. Personalization should be simple and easy to use, and make sure your document is reduced in size to reduce the cost of postage.

How to Pitch Email Marketing to Your Clients?

Marketing via email has become an increasingly sought-after way to market your business nowadays. It’s easy, efficient, and can reach a vast amount of individuals in a brief period.

If you design an email that is well-targeted to your customers, you will increase the likelihood of conversion and, ultimately, build an enjoyable relationship with your customers. Here are four guidelines for creating an email that converts. If you want to be successful in marketing through email, you must be able to sell it to your customers. Here are some suggestions:

How to Pitch Email Marketing to Your Clients

1. Begin with a strong opening. The opening sentence should inform your audience about the subject matter you will discuss. It must be concise, clear, and intriguing enough to entice your reader to continue reading. The first sentence entices the reader by describing the advantages of your service or product and why they should contact you.

2. Describe the benefits of what you provide or offer. This can help potential clients see the value of using your product.

3. Let them know your customers how your service or product can aid them in solving their problems. This will convince them to utilize your service or product rather than another’s.

4. Offer proof that your service or product is superior to your competitors. This will convince potential clients to select you over your rivals.

5. Be concise and clear. Make use of simple, straightforward language when explaining products or offerings. Avoid using jargon or language that may interrupt the message or confuse the reader.

6. Utilize videos and images to reinforce your message. Videos and photos can draw attention and inspire your audience, keeping you at the forefront for more extended periods.

7. Highlighting how your customer’s requirements coincide with the needs of your target market and weaving the tale of your service or product in your email

8. Use compelling case studies to demonstrate the importance of your product or service.

9. Be sure to create efficient opt-ins and tests before launch to ensure your message is delivered to your intended audience.

10. Don’t divulge too many details in an email message, or you might be able to lose customers entirely.

11. Use keywords sparingly. Using keywords can clutter the message, making it hard for readers to locate what they want. Instead, it would help if you focused on topics related to their interests and needs.

12. Your clients’ needs must be the primary focus of any email marketing strategy. Make use of these research findings to design a strategy that can meet your customers’ requirements.

13. Pick a catchy slogan or phrase that stands apart from the content in your emails.

The cost of Sending Emails is Very High

Emails are expensive to send. Quite expensive. Each when you email, it is expensive. As the more emails you transmit, the more you pay.

Email is an essential element of our lives but can also be costly. If you’re not cautious, you could quickly spend lots of money on email.

The cost of Sending Emails is Very High

Here are some suggestions to help you get the most value from your email.

1. Only send emails when necessary transmitting too many emails could be expensive. Be sure to limit your emails to only when required. This can lower the overall cost.

2. Use the free services for email: You can use various free email providers that could save money. They typically come with fewer options than paid ones. However, they can work for you.

3. Do not send attachments. If you avoid attaching extensions to your emails, they may raise the cost of your email. This can help you lower your costs.

4. Utilize bulk rates. Various providers usually offer bulk rates. If you plan to send lots of emails, consider the bulk rate.

This can help you save a substantial amount of dollars in the long term.

Email Marketing Agency

Marketing via email is direct marketing that uses electronic mail to communicate fundraising or commercial message to an individual. In the broadest sense, marketing via email is any email sent to a customer or potential customer. The word is generally applied to:

Email Marketing Agency

Emails are sent to improve the relationship between the merchant and its existing or former customers, encouraging loyalty and returning business. Emails are sent to gain new customers or convince existing customers to buy something immediately. They are sending advertisements in emails by other companies to their clients.

Email Marketing Agency Services An email marketing agency supplies companies with the innovative technological, analytical, and technology solutions needed to plan and execute effective email campaigns.

The Benefits of Working with an Agency Include the following:

Working with an email marketing company is a great way to spread the word about your business and get more people interested. The proper email marketing strategies will ensure that your target audience is aware of your offerings and services and that you can build connections with them. Furthermore, using an email marketing company can assist you in creating more efficient email lists, which can help you connect with more people in less time.

There are many advantages to using an email marketing company. The benefits include the greater reach of your emails, reduced costs, and greater engagement with your clients. Here are some examples:

1. Greater reach Increased Reach: An email marketing company will help you reach more people than possible. Through collaboration with other email marketing companies and organizations, you can build connections that can help you promote your services or products to a larger public. This can help you reach more people at an affordable cost. It can also boost the chances of success since anyone connected to others has a stake in what happens.

2. Cost reduction: Another advantage you can reap from working with a company is that they will aid you in reducing the cost of marketing and advertising campaigns. The email marketing agency can design and manage an effective strategy to reach your targeted market by employing the same approach as other businesses.

3. You will reduce time and cost by having a marketing strategy put in place before the beginning.

4. Monitoring the progress of your campaign is crucial and allows you to assess how your efforts are delivering.

5. It is essential to have a person on staff who is knowledgeable about email marketing is crucial for any company.

6. You can tailor your campaigns to ensure that you reach the appropriate public.

7. Your campaigns will become more successful because you can access the latest tools and technology.

8. The team of agency professionals has experience in different industries. They can offer tips and best practices from other industries that can be applied to your specific business requirements.

9. Agencies can use the latest technologies and tools to plan, run, track, and measure successful email campaigns.

How to Start an Email Marketing Agency?

Marketing via email can be an excellent method to earn a living. It’s a work that can be started without spending much money and can be done practically anywhere. Before you launch your email marketing business, there are some things to consider to begin in the right direction.

Email Marketing Agency freelance

1. Define your niche. Who would you like to assist with their marketing via email? What kind of companies? What type of message will they require assistance with? If you know the demographics of your market, it will be much easier to design materials and services that will appeal to them.

2. Make your portfolio. Before you present your services to prospective clients, be sure to have some of your previous work to demonstrate. Make a few fake email marketing campaigns for businesses in your field, or talk to family and friends who may need help with their email marketing campaigns.

3. Create your web page and social media profiles. Most of your potential clients will want to know what you do before they hire you, so make sure your website looks professional and well-kept. Your website contains information about your services, prices, rates, and how to contact you. You can also use social media to share helpful information and tips about email marketing.

4. Be organized. When you begin dealing with customers, you’ll have to keep track of deliverables, deadlines, and invoices. Get good software for managing projects, or design your system to keep all the details in order. This will help you save time (and your sanity) in the future.

Freelance Email Marketing

Marketing via email is an excellent method to connect with your customers and engage with them in a personal way. It cannot be easy to figure out how to begin when you’re just starting your journey with marketing via email. This is where freelance email marketers step in!

A freelance email marketing expert can help you develop a plan that works well with your target audience and helps you reach your business goals. They also give important information about the best email marketing methods and what needs to be changed. If you’re looking for an expert in email marketing who can aid in taking your company to the next stage, here are some tips to remember:

1. Choose someone with previous experience. Even though many intelligent people in the market are just starting to learn about email marketing, it’s best to choose an experienced professional who has shown they know what they’re doing. This gives you the confidence that they know the ropes and will save you time and dollars on something that won’t perform.

2. It is essential to ensure that they comprehend the goals you have set for them. It’s crucial to choose a freelancer who is aware of what you’re hoping to accomplish through your advertising campaign via email. Without this, they may be unable to provide the desired results.

Make sure you know your objectives at the beginning so that everything is clear later on down the way.

Email Blast Cost Per Thousand

Email blasts are among the most cost-effective methods to reach a broad audience. When done right, they can be a very efficient marketing tool. What is the cost of an email campaign?

This question will depend on various variables, such as the number of addresses on your list, how well your lists are constructed, and the sum you’ll be willing to spend for each email. You should generally pay between $0.01 and $0.03 per email address on your list. If you have a database of 1000 addresses, an email blast could cost between $10 and $30.

Email Blast Cost Per Thousand

If you’ve got a more extensive database (say 10000 or greater) and can send more emails, your expenses are lower because you can take advantage of economies of scale. If you’re willing to put more into every email (by buying a better quality list or sending more customized emails), your expenses will be more expensive. However, this is generally a cost-effective method to reach a broad public with your message.

What should I charge for a Marketing Email?

The quick answer is that there’s no universal answer to this question. It depends on many things, like your skills, the nature of the project, how complex it is, and how much the client is willing to pay.

As a guideline, you should expect to charge anything between $50 and $200 per hour for marketing via email.

If you’re starting, it’s best to begin charging at the lower end of the scale. However, as you gain expertise and a portfolio, you can set more toward the upper back.

Of course, price is just one aspect of the equation. You must ensure that you can deliver top-quality results that satisfy (or surpass) your customers’ expectations.

Also, keep quality high to increase the quantity. It’s always better to have a handful of satisfied customers who return to you more often than a massive list of customers who will never use your services again.

What is the cost of sending an email?

In the case of email, there are aspects you have to think about to figure out the amount you will charge.

In the beginning, you must think about the price of your effort. What time will it take you to write your email? What will your time be worth? This will help you figure out the hourly rates.

In the next step, you should be aware of the costs of sending your email. This can include the online service’s price and any additional charges that could be connected with a particular email service.

Then, you must consider any additional costs you have to consider, like the price of ink or paper, if you plan on printing the email. Once you have all the information you need, you can begin to create pricing structures for email sending.

What is the cost of outsourcing email marketing?

Marketing via email is an efficient and cost-effective way to connect with your audience. However, the price of outsourcing email marketing can differ based on the scope and size of your undertaking. For example, if you have a massive database of clients, consider hiring a full-time marketing expert.

What is the cost of outsourcing email marketing

On the other hand, when dealing with a smaller client base, you can outsource just a few areas of your marketing campaigns, including designing and creating content. Regarding the specific cost, it’s hard to determine a precise amount without knowing about the project.

Generally, it is possible to pay anything from $500 to $5,000 per month for professional email marketing.

Of course, this is only an approximate estimate. Actual prices will vary based on the firm you choose to work with and the project size.


What is the average price a freelance email marketer be charged?

Email marketers who work independently can expect to make anywhere from $25 to $200 per hour, depending on how much they know, what they specialize in, and what the job requires. Flat rates range between $250 and $10,000 for a single project.

How much will B2B marketing via email cost?

The price for B2B email marketing is contingent on how extensive the list is, the complexity of the marketing campaign, and the degree of personalization. The cost can vary between a few hundred and hundreds of thousands.

How do email marketers get paid?

Marketers via email are typically paid hourly rates and project fees or commission-based models. Payment terms are negotiated before the time of payment, and payments can be made through PayPal or bank transfer, or other methods that are agreed upon.

What exactly does ROI refer to in email marketing?

ROI is a term used to describe Return on Investment in marketing via email. It is a measure used to determine the success of an email marketing campaign by comparison of the income generated to the campaign’s expense.

How do you calculate the cost of email marketing?

You can determine how well an email campaign works by looking at the number of opens, click-through rates, conversion rates, and money made. You can then divide the number of successful actions by the total number of emails sent to determine the percentage of each measure.

What is the average amount that email marketers cost per hour?

Email marketers charge anywhere between $25 and $200 per hour based on their expertise, experience, and the nature of the task. The cost will differ based on the freelancer’s expertise and project specifications.

How many emails for marketing do you need to send out in a single day?

As it depends on the target market, the industry, and the campaign, there needs to be a clear answer to how many marketing emails should be sent daily. To reduce the risk of spam or tiredness, it is typically advised to keep the number of emails to a minimum.


Ultimately, the rate you pay will be based on the work you must do. The same is true for your abilities, which will determine whether or not you can meet the job requirements. Your role as an email marketing specialist is not just about mailing out email messages or creating templates. It could be as extensive as the entire campaign.

Naturally, if you’re just beginning your journey, you can only offer higher prices if you can complete all the required tasks. However, don’t worry about it; as you move along with your marketing via email and move from one endeavor to the next, you’ll gain experience and improve your abilities. In time, you’ll become a professional and offer more. With the amount of competition available, your understanding of the best price to charge for freelance email marketing jobs will allow you to start in the right direction and grow.

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