How to Fix Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite in 2023

The process of jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch isn’t for the easygoing. Still, it can allow you to do more than you can with your Switch, including everything from installing a plethora of games (including many retro games) to running apps that aren’t official which add new features.

However, it’s not without risk. You could make your Switch a giant paperweight or even simultaneously void your warranty. If you’re brave enough, Here’s how you can jailbreak your Switch, as well as our suggestions on minimizing the dangers for your device.

Why do I need to unlock my Switch?

In case you’re new in the jailbreaking world and you’re unsure of its purpose, we’ll explain the basics: using jailbreaks to access an operating system grants access to the System in a manner that the makers did not intend for the OS. It allows users to design and download customized apps and games to devices they would not otherwise be able to access.

For the Nintendo Switch, jailbreaking lets, you install non-official Switch applications and games. It provides gamers who want to go all-in with the possibility of playing retro games that aren’t officially available with the Nintendo Switch. Although the range of games available at the moment of writing is a little, it’s pretty close to the times. If you’re looking for some new games, look through the top Nintendo Switch games right now.

It’s not without risk, however; continue reading to discover what could go wrong when breaking the jail on your Nintendo Switch.

What are the dangers that come with hacking my Switch?

The most significant risk of the jailbreaking process on your Nintendo Switch is bricking. While there are only so many instances of jailbreaks causing bricks to your Nintendo Switch system, it is possible because most jailbreaks alter your operating System in a way. Jailbreaking is also in violation of Nintendo’s T&Cs. If you cause a brick to the console, Nintendo isn’t replacing it.

If you jailbreak, Your Nintendo Switch will void the warranty; however, we’re still determining whether there’s a method for Nintendo to know if a console is jailbroken besides the physical inspection.

Because of the issues discussed in the previous paragraphs, we don’t recommend jailbreaking your central Nintendo Switch console. If you want to, consider purchasing an exclusive Homebrew Switch console that you can use without fear of breaking your console. Look through our top Nintendo Switch deals list to buy one at a bargain price!

There’s also some doubt about whether it is possible to unlock your Nintendo Switch console if you have to take it to a repair shop to be repaired at a later time. Although logic suggests that updating to update the Nintendo Switch to the latest version of the Switch software will eliminate the Jailbreak, it’s impossible to be sure at this point.

If you’re still looking to unlock the Nintendo Switch, keep reading to learn what you need to know about it.

  • How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite to Use Google?
  • If you follow the easy instructions in this article, you can access Google for your Nintendo Switch Lite. The steps are as follows:
  • Switch the Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet.
  • From Nintendo Switch Lite Home, go to System Settings.
Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Then, go to the Internet option and select Internet Settings. Internet Settings option.
  • Then, go onto the DNS settings menu, select it, and switch it from automatic to manual.
  • On the Primary DNS on Primary DNS, enter 045.055.0142.122 and save it.
  • Then go back to the Switch to Bru DNS screen, and click Go to Google.
dns setting

After these steps, you’ve gained access to access to the Google search engine installed on the Nintendo Switch, and you can utilize it to download games and apps in your games. You can also make use of the browser to access other websites.

How do I hack Nintendo Switch Lite by Rebooting by using HBMmenu?

Reboot the Nintendo Switch Lite using the hub menu; you will gain access to games not accessible on your Switch store. Follow these steps:

  • Download the nx-hbmenu app from GitHub on your computer or smartphone.
  • Attach an SD card to one of the devices, and then transfer the file into a folder by giving it the name hub menu. more
  • Remove from the SD card of the gadget and then add the card to the Nintendo Switch Lite device.
  • Go on to System Settings from Nintendo Switch Lite home page.
  • Go to the DNS settings menu and select the option to change it from automatic to manual.
Nintendo switch DNS to manual
  • On the Primary DNS on Primary DNS, enter and save it.
  • You must start the Nintendo Switch Lite device now.
  • When you click on the Run tab, If you see 2000-1337, Nintendo’s software has been installed successfully.

Once you have this, you can go about as you can on the Nintendo Switch Lite and can use all apps and games even though they’re not available in Nintendo’s Switch Store.

What are the negatives of the jailbreaking Nintendo Switch Lite?

  • It’s against Nintendo’s terms of service and the conditions set by Nintendo and Nintendo, and they have decided to replace your device.
  • Your warranty is invalid if you jailbreak the Nintendo device.
  • How to Un-Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?
  • There are two methods to disable jailbreaks from Nintendo Switch Lite; are.
  • Change DNS to Automatic.
  • Update to the most recent version.
  • How can I Change the DNS setting to Auto?
  • Follow these easy steps to switch the DNS setting from manual to automatic,
  • Switch the Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet.
  • From Nintendo Switch Lite Home, go to System Settings.
  • Then, go to the Internet option and then click Internet Settings. Internet Settings choice.
  • Then, go to the DNS settings and choose to switch it from Manual to Automatic.

How to Update Nintendo Switch to Latest Version?

  • Follow the instructions to update Nintendo Switch Lite to the most recent version.
  • Switch the Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet.
  • From Nintendo Switch Lite Home, go to System Settings.
  • Now go to System and tap on System Update.
  • If you are connected to an internet connection with a high-speed network, your Nintendo device will begin the process of updating.


What are the main differences between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Lite?

In this section, we will go over what differentiates between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. There are several distinctions between Nintendo Switch Lite compared to Nintendo Switch console. The main differences are

Nintendo Switch Lite has a long battery life.

It’s a reasonable price when compared with Nintendo Switch.

It comes in a variety of shades.

It is easy to use.

It is equipped with a multi-touch pad.

What is Jailbreak?

In essence, Jailbreak is nothing but the most reliable application to connect to the device and assist in rooting. In addition, Jailbreak is comfortable with Apple devices running, such as iOS smartphones and iOS-based devices. Additionally, with the device, you can use your Nintendo Switch Lite by following the entire guideline.

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