Systems Limited and Huawei announce Strategic Partnership for Global Digital Banking

The patron of an integrated, smart global society, Huawei, and enabler of a digital future, Systems Limited, allied strategic importance to determine the future of development of digital banking.

With the increasing number of transactions online, customers’ demands are evolving and keeping up; banks need to embrace the human-centric and customer-first digital revolution.

The ceremony was held on the 11th of March 2022 and was attended by Asif Peer, CEO and Director, Systems Limited, and Shahzad Rasheed, CEO, Huawei Cloud.

Systems Limited has always been at the forefront of technological technology and has undertaken numerous initiatives to transform the way we deliver and structure financial services based on technology that can meet customers’ needs at any time and from anywhere.

The key personnel from the banking and IT industries were present. The panel spoke about how technology has a significant impact on consumer behavior, service and product development, business operations, and the enormous potential for the banking industry.

Asif Peer CEO and the Managing Director of Systems Limited expressed,

“We see a shift and expansion in the banking sector of Pakistan to facilitate business innovation in the current age. Banks are swiftly moving toward digital transformation and we are working together to ensure that customer management is refined as well as channel optimization and an ecosystem-wide collaborative. Through collaborations like this, we’re on the right track towards developing a comprehensive global digital transformation strategy.”

With the announcement of the cloud-first policies announced by Pakistan’s government Pakistan and the recent announcement of the cloud-first policy, this collaboration with Huawei and Systems Limited will help stabilize the banking industry’s digital ecosystem in Pakistan.

Systems Limited and Huawei Partnership

This collaboration aims to arm businesses with a complete cloud-based system, aiding them in meeting customers’ constantly changing demands and helping to thrive in the modern world.

By leveraging Huawei cloud infrastructure and System Limited’s cloud-based enterprise, security of information, and digital banking, The two partners can provide an already-built, easy-to-integrate digital ecosystem to Pakistan.

He said Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, CEO of Huawei Cloud, reiterated that Huawei Pakistan is dedicated to speeding up the process of digitalization within the country and explained how this could be a daunting goal to realize without cloud. With the advent of digital banks in the financial sector, we can expect huge growth.

China is a world leader in banking, and we are working to link with Pakistani and Chinese Banks to gain knowledge from their experience and know-how.

We will always be, dedicated to the development of ICT in Pakistan. ICT Industry in Pakistan, and we look ahead to working together alongside Systems Limited as our strategic partner in this endeavor.

The emerging banks will be able to use a local platform to establish their digital bank services effectively and effortlessly without the requirement for massive capital investment.

As Systems Limited continues to develop its global strategy, the two partners will also seek to extend these services out of Pakistan and beyond could also create numerous jobs for people in Pakistan.

Through the cloud and big data and the next-generation IT infrastructure, Systems Limited and Huawei can assist financial companies in overcoming the challenges of the digital-first and customer-first time.

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