How To Cancel Order On Fiverr in 2023

The best way to cancel order is usually to cancel it. There are times when things do not go as planned, and there’s no alternative to canceling the order.

Similar to Fiverr, There are occasions where canceling an order is the only option available. If you’re reading this article, you’ve decided to cancel your order with Fiverr but aren’t sure how to go about it.

Don’t worry; I’ll show you step-by-step to cancel an order made on Fiverr, whether you’re a seller or seller.

So, without further delay, we’ll dive right into it!

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr

No matter if you’re a buyer or seller, I’m going to discuss the cancellation procedure with both sides:

First, let’s look at how sellers can cancel an order.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr As a Seller

For cancellation of an order made on Fiverr for sellers, take these steps:

Step 1: Go to The Order Page

On your Fiverr dashboard, navigate to the order you wish to remove.

Step 2: Click on Visit Resolution Center

On the order page On the order page, click on the Resolution Center.

cancel order fiverr

Step 3: Select Issue

Choose the issue and the method you’d like to address about your order. Then continue.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr in 2022 | Select Issue

You’ll need to choose among the three choices:

1. Increase the time for delivery: If the reason for the cancellation of your order is due to time, you could ask the purchaser to extend your delivery date to ensure that you don’t have to cancel.

When you have selected this option, you will need to select the number of days you want to extend your delivery period and explain why you want to extend the delivery time.

2. Modify the order: If the purpose of the purchase has been altered, you can alter the order. Please select the items you’d like to change within your order and provide their reason.

3. The buyer should be asked to cancel the order: You’ll get different reasons for getting a buyer to cancel your order when you click this button. As you will see:

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr in 2022  Ask the buyer to cancel this order

Choose the most suitable reason. If you didn’t find reasons to cancel your order within the following list, please choose the last alternative, “Other,” and explain your reason for cancellation.

Final Step: Add Details & Submit Cancellation Request

The last step is to tell the customer why you’d like to cancel the purchase and click Send.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr in 2022 | Reasion of cancellation

That’s it!

Your dispute has been submitted, and it’s now the buyer’s choice to either accept or deny your request.

If the seller approves the request, then excellent; however, if it isn’t and you have a legitimate reason, you need to contact the Fiverr customer support team to request the cancellation of your purchase.

Additionally, if the purchaser hasn’t responded in 48-hours to cancel your request, Fiverr will automatically cancel your order.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr As a Buyer

For cancellation of an order made on Fiverr in the capacity of a seller, comply with these instructions:

Step 1: Go to The Order Page

Visit the page where you placed the order you’d like to remove.

Step 2: Visit Resolution Center

On the order page On the order page, click your order page, then click on the Resolution Center.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr in 2022 | Resolution Center

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Ask The Seller to Refund This Order on the next page, and select any reason listed in the list. Click Continue.

Final Step: Request Cancellation

If you choose to cancel the reason, you will also need to state why you seek the cancellation. After you have completed the form, you can click Send.

It’s that simple! It!

The cancellation request you make is delivered to the seller, and the seller will be informed about your request to cancel. They are obliged to either take or deny the request in 48 hours. If the seller fails to complete the process, your order will automatically be canceled within 2 days.

However, if the seller denies your cancellation request and has a legitimate reason for it, you must contact Fiverr Support. Fiverr Support Team.

What if my purchase is already completed and I cannot access Resolution Center? Resolution Center?

You must discuss your refund request with your seller before approaching the support department; however, you must provide a reasonable reason to cancel the order. For instance, the seller made use of copyright-infringing materials within the purchase.

If the seller isn’t cooperating and the situation doesn’t get resolved for you or the seller, you need to contact Fiverr Customer support.

Please note: As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, orders can only be canceled within 14 days of the order being marked as complete. After that time period, your order may not be eligible to be canceled.

Types of Order Cancellations

If you’re canceling an active order through Fiverr, you’ll face three kinds of cancellations.

1. Mutual Cancellation: With mutual cancellation, both the buyer and seller will not have any issues regarding canceling orders as both parties agree to cancel the order.

2. Buyer/Seller Requested Cancellation

Buyers and sellers may request a cancellation for reasonable reasons. The buyer may request cancellation of the order is marked as extremely late, or the seller may ask for cancellation if the buyer isn’t responding.

When you’ve submitted a request, it’s the buyer’s or seller’s turn to approve or deny your request.

3. Order Cancellation Through Fiverr Support:

If either side seller or buyer does not accept the cancellation of the order or if the cancellation is rejected, then contacting customer support at the Fiverr Customer Support team is your second and final option.

They will then look over the case and decide to cancel you when you have a valid reason to cancel the order. You must give as many details as you can when requesting the cancellation of the order.

Reasons For Order Cancellation

The decision to cancel an order made on Fiverr can occur in various ways. Still, I will outline some of the most plausible and accepted reasons that allow either the seller or buyer to cancel an active ordered, delivered, or complete order.

Active Order

  • If the order has been delayed and the seller didn’t answer within 24hrs.
  • If one of the parties displays unintentionally behaved towards the other person or threat of low rating are involved or sharing personal information with one the other.
  • The service provider also included copyright/trademark infringement materials in the scope of the contract.
  • The user is no longer due to account deactivation or Fiverr Terms of Service violations.

Delivered Order

  • The seller did not provide the necessary service and instead put the order in the status of “Completed.”
  • The seller provides files that aren’t related to the specified requirements.
  • Seller is asking buyers to pay additional fees for work included within the contract.
  • The seller may delay the delivery without reason, improving the rating.
  • Buyer may request revisions but requests other services, not by the agreed-upon requirements.
  • Buyers threaten a seller to remove the rating with a poor score to get additional benefits from the vendor, which is not linked to the terms of the agreement.

Completed Order

  • The purchaser has reported using copyright or trademark infringing material in the purchase.
  • If the buyer uses the infringing copyright or trademark materials but has not purchased commercial rights for use.

If a buyer or seller rejects your request without a valid reason, you can engage Fiverr Customer Support to settle the dispute that you have with your other person.

I hope that all of your questions about Fiverr order cancellations were addressed. If you have further concerns or wish to share your experiences, I would appreciate hearing from you in the comments section.


Canceling an order through Fiverr isn’t difficult, particularly when both buyers and sellers agree to cancel the order.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a purchaser or seller; as long as you’ve got an acceptable reason to withdraw the order, then all you need to accomplish is

1. Go to the Resolution Center from your order page.

2. Choose the problem or the reason for the cancellation of an order.

3. Tell the seller or buyer why you’d like to revoke this order. Submit your request, and then wait for the request to be accepted or rejected. If the buyer or seller doesn’t respond within two business days, Fiverr will cancel the order for you.

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